Weapons in PUBG Mobile are versatile – almost every single one of them has more than one firing mode. With just a switch, you can change the way that your gun function between single, burst, and auto mode. Each mode plays a part in combat, and they all feel vastly different from one another. Firing one round at a time would allow you to control, whereas automatic fire would dish out a huge amount of damage at the cost of huge recoil.

Knowing when to switch would enable you to adapt to every situation

It can be very tricky to decide which firing mode to use for which situation, however, this is something that one needs to master if they aspire to be a better PUBG Mobile player.

Our guide below will help you put together a general image of how to use the various fire modes for any situation – and how to maximize your efficiency in firefights.

There are three firing modes in the game

Single-shot mode: fires one round per shot.

Burst mode: fires three rounds per shot.

Auto mode: fires rounds continuously until the trigger is released.

Using Single mode would make your weapon more accurate

Assault Rifles and Submachine Guns often have different firing mode – but they are not the only ones. Full auto mode can also be activated on some Snipers and Pistols.

Single-shot mode:

This is the default mode for every weapon when picking up. Single-mode is focused on accuracy, as it would fire one round for every time you pull the trigger. With this mode, your every shot would gain much-needed precision.

Single-shot mode, while accurate, is a bad choice inside buildings.

This mode is best used when engaging enemies at medium to high range, as it would provide a steady stream of accurate hits. You can tap the trigger repeatedly to increase the fire rate, however, prepare to lead the cursor downwards to counter the resulting recoil.

It is ill-advised to use this mode in close quarter combats on inside buildings – as the firepower is just too low to drop the enemies.

Burst mode:

One of the rarer firing modes, it only presents in a few weapons – you would encounter it when picking up an M16A4 Assault Rifle or a UMP9 Submachine Gun.

This mode is actually rather redundant because if you actually need the fire rate, just switching to full auto is always better. The mode is only worth using on the M16A4, the only Assault Rifle without the Automatic option.

One of the few burst weapons that can out damage the enemies reliably

The burst fire mode of the M16A4 can be extremely dangerous, especially in close quarters – as its fire rate is fast enough to overcome every other Assault Rifles in the game – with great accuracy to boot. That is one of the reasons why the gun is so popular.

Auto mode:

Easily the most used mode in the game for most players – switching to auto and back should be something that you must practice often if you want to become a good PUBG Player. Alternate between single-shot mode and auto would give you a much-needed accuracy boost on a moving enemy.

Pubg Shooting Mode Guide 5
People would pick full auto over burst shots most of the time

When firing full auto, the most important thing you would need to be mindful about is the recoil. Push the cursor down while firing is recommended.

Spraying the entire bullet clip is not recommended unless you know what you are doing. It is better to just fire off a couple of bullets, let the recoil cool down, then continue the spraying. This type of action would give you a better chance to hit your targets, as the recoil becomes even worse after the fifth bullet or so. The gun can even sway from side to side at a high level of recoil.

Full auto is best used at short to medium ranges.

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