Aiming is one of the more important parts of PUBG Mobile. Know how to aim would dramatically improve your rate of survival, as everything can be decided in just a single moment of weakness. This guide will provide you with the tips and tricks needed to get better aim – to take down the enemies before they act.

Know your weapon

Pubg Training Mode 840x473
The training mode in which you can test every weapon in the game - at every distance

Firstly, you need to adjust your aim based on whatever weapons you are using, as each one has their own quirk and features. Always check your weapon’s stats, especially range, firing modes, recoil, spray, and bullet speed. After getting your hand on a weapon, you might even fire a few shots to test it out. However, you would have to make sure that there are no enemies nearby first.

Actually, it is best to learn this outside of the matches, as you can test just about every gun in the weapon Practice Range. There are also stationary and moving targets, so it is just as effective as in a normal match.

Dealing with moving targets

Know your weapon is crucial, as some weapon like the AK is very hard to use

Follow a moving target by tracking them with your cursor – this would also require a degree of prediction, as you have to keep up with enemy movements without knowing their trajectory.

If you are new to track, it might be better to just aim for the body, as it is a bigger target. Getting a headshot is of course recommended, but it might be tricky sometimes. In a melee, tracking is much easier, as you can just full auto on your enemies to take them down.

Snipers and DMRs can have different bullet speeds and drops

Reading your enemies is important – sometimes you should not fire immediately as soon as an enemy enters your sight from a safe distance. Spend like a few seconds to ascertain the situation, check and predict their movement. This momentarily delay might be crucial, or even a deciding factor between a hit and a miss. For example, if an enemy is moving to the right, you can place your cursor on his way and only fire when he has entered your cursor’s area.

Taking bullet drops and bullet speed into consideration

Pubg Mobile Aiming Improve Without Keyboard Mouse
Aiming at long range requires you to take a lot of factors into consideration

Some longer-range weapons such as the sniper rifles have slow bullet speed – which means the bullet would take longer to hit the designated location. To use those kinds of guns effectively, you have to circumvent their weaknesses by predicting the enemy movements.

Adjust your aim to compensate for the bullet drops by aiming a bit higher than your intended target – if you are gunning for a headshot, aim a bit higher.

Customize Your Settings to Aim Better

Soul Mortal Senstivity Settings On Asus Rog Androi
SouL MortaL's Settings for the best PUBG Experience

Change the game’s settings to your own preference would assist you heavily in aiming and moving around in-game. Every small detail is important, even the cursor colors.

Changing your device’s sensitivity can assist heavily in quite a few situations, as lower sensitivity would be the best setting for close quarter combats while higher sensitivity is best for long-distance. The reason behind this is that you would need a stable cursor for the moving enemies in close range – on longer-range however, you would have to be quick to be able to follow enemies movement.

Pick one of the two shooting options – the second one is easier to use, as you can both shoot and aim with just one finger.

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