There are two perspective modes in PUBG Mobile, Third-person and first-person. At first they might seem to be similar, however, there are a lot of changes that need to be acknowledged in order to get the best possible result in a First-person Perspective match.

How to access the FPP mode of PUBG

In FPP, it is not possible to peek from behind a cover without exposing your own location – as you have to lean out from whatever you are hiding behind to actually see anything. Because of that, it is common to be killed by a camping enemy – however, this works both ways, as the enemies also have to show their location.

The viewing area is rather small

It is not possible to peak into a building by just rotating your camera anymore. In FPP, the only way to scout out a location is to enter it – or to look through the window. These are considered highly dangerous activities that would put you in a disadvantage – and you would definitely be killed quite a few times. This quirk means that defending an inhouse location is way better than usual, as you can easily track down the enemies’ locations.

Try to locate as many enemies as possible when falling.

Despite being First-person, you can still use the “alt” button to look around in FPP. However, it is not possible to look behind without turning your character.

You would need to be very careful when using a vehicle, as the thing would limit your field of view by quite a lot. The key thing that needs to be avoided is to not drive the car in between buildings. If you want to check out a location, it is best to just park the vehicle within about 100-meter radius then approach the location on foot. That way you would be able to minimalize the sound of a working engine.

Ambush your targets inside buildings and blind spots

About Duo Mode – the first-person perspective get way easier with another guy to watch your back. With a team member, you would be advancing forward without having to face a flanking attack.

Before touching the ground, you would be in TPP – Use that to your advantage and try to locate as many players as possible before landing. Any info would matter since in FPP your ability to gather intel from the environment would be severely limited.

Try to move and jump constantly

Constantly moving and jumping. It is very hard to follow objects moving in a three-dimensional plane while in the first person.

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