If you are a new PUBG Mobile player, the first thing that comes into your mind would be the size of the in-game map. Despite having 100 players on it, most of the time in the early game you will just wander around without encountering anyone. However, as the map shrink over time, you would need to get to the safe zone to escape. That raises the question: How would you be able to chase the zone if it spawns too far from your location? The answer is vehicles.

They are the method provided by the game for players to get around the map – there are various choices for Vehicles for you to move around, providing both speed and protection. Furthermore, if you are playing on the squad mode, a vehicle is essential to keep everyone together, as straggler usually get picked off.

With this guide, we will describe the most effective ways to use a vehicle in PUBG Mobile.

How to Acquire a Vehicle:

Sometimes you can just run over other players

This is the easier part because there are a lot of vehicles scattered around the maps of PUBG Mobile. What’s more, their spawn locations are often right next to the suitable roads for them. Below are a couple of vehicles that are a common sight in most games.

Buggy – A commonly-find vehicle, the buggy has a metal frame that can seat two players. It trades protection for speed and maneuverability.

UAZ – Basically a jeep, with two variants: closed top and an open top. Can seat up to four players.

Pubg Game Chase 4k Ws
Vehicles are essential in Squad mode

Motorcycle – One of the fastest vehicles in the game, you can sometimes find a sidecar attached to it.

Dacia – The fastest car, the only of its type that you can drive in the game – able to carry four players.

You would see those following choices when coming nearby a vehicle: You can either choose “Drive” to get the driver slot or “Get in” to just use the vehicle as protection. This could work sometimes, however being in an exploding vehicle is not something that you want to do, as it would cause heavy damage.

How to control and fight against a vehicle:

Video Game Playerunknowns Battlegrounds Car Blast
Vehicles explosion are deadly

PUBG Mobile has simplified the controls of vehicles – whenever you are behind the steering wheel, your screen will change to be like this:

The arrow buttons are supposed to be used in combinations. The Up and Down buttons are for modifying the speed of the car, while the other two buttons are for steering. Aside from that, the exit button is for getting out of the vehicle, while the horn button is for……honking, more or less a joke feature. The final button on the lower right edge of the screen is seat swapping. This is an important detail that you need to follow – as you cannot use your weapon while driving.

The control scheme of a vehicle in PUBG Mobile

Against a vehicle, it is actually possible to target its tires and pop them. The vehicle would be slowed down immensely afterward, enable you to catch up with it on foot.

It is possible to enter a vehicle that someone else is driving in squad game – you can actually shoot the user while doing it.

Fire with caution while being in a full vehicle, as you might hit your teammates with friendly fire if you are not careful.

There are unique vehicles on every map of PUBG Mobile

Exiting a vehicle while it is moving is not something that you should do. However, when it is time to evacuate, jumping out is better than getting blown up inside the car.

Against players who are using cars, you would need to have a good aim – as harming them with body shots is pretty much impossible. Always go for the head.

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