PUBG has come a long way since the Steam Early Access 2 years ago. The game was constantly improving in term of gameplay and performance. The player count blew up to one point there were 3.2 million people playing the game at the same time and broke the record of DOTA 2.

Fortnite Vs Pubg Revenue
New battle royale games came out and dethroned PUBG

As time went on, more battle royale game started to come out such as Fornite and Apex Legend. The number of people who play PUBG started to drop gradually, ending the domination of PUBG. Meanwhile, PUBG still has a lot of bugs that give players bad playing experience. People have been concerning that PUBG might be "dead" someday with all these bugs and the game has gone stale.

There are "only" 600,000 people are playing PUBG

Just a few days ago, on September 9, PUBG has just reached the lowest daily player count since July 2017 according to Steam Chart. Guess how many people played the game that day? 594,297 players.

Yes, almost 600,000 players are still playing the game and it is still a very healthy number of players so you don't have to worry about anything at all. For a game which has been released for 2 years, PUBG is doing quite well. Compared to last year, the game is much smoother and optimized now. The developer has also released lots of new and exciting features recently such as Ledge Grab, the BMDR-2, exploding Gas Can,... to keep players engaged. PUBG might not be on the front page of every newspaper now, but the game is still being sold very well. As of June this year, according to SuperData, around 4.7 millions of PUBG copies have been sold.

New updates are being rolled out constantly

The game is still doing great so if you are a PUBG player, then you definitely have nothing to worry about.