PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has now reached its fourth season. While many fans are focusing on the new version of Erangel, it’s not the only feature that this season’s patch brought along.

For this fourth season of the game, PUBG Corp. put another Survivor Pass into the game. This Survivor Pass is similar to the battle pass in other games and previous passes from PUBG. However, this time it came with a new name, the developers call it Aftermath.

The fourth season of PUBG is here

Similar to the previous Survivor Passes in PUBG, you can find a lot of cosmetic items in the Aftermath. By level up your passes, you can earn the cosmetic items. There are about 75 cosmetic items in total. In order to level up your pass, you have to spend some experience point. You can earn experience points by playing matches. Furthermore, XP can also be earned through accomplishing some specific missions such as using a certain kind of weapon in a match or healing yourself for a particular number of times.

The new season also features a brand new mission system - the Co-op Mission. Any single player of PUBG can join hands in making progression for the Co-op mission. Everyone will all be able to collectively work toward the rewards. And in the end, any player who owns an Aftermath pass will be granted with access to the rewards once unlocked.

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The new season brings along a lot of new updates

Coming to the game along with the Aftermath pass is a whole new kind of cosmetic - the new UAZ skin called “Red-Zoned”. You can also find a variety of new jackets, clothing and, of course, weapon skins which Aftermath has brought into PUBG’s already huge cosmetic collection.

The new version (along with the new Survivor Pass) is now available on PC. You can get it with just $9.99 from the PUBG store.