Assault rifles are one of the most used gun types in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds due to its versatility. You can use ARs in various range, from close to medium and long – without losing any combat capabilities. Furthermore, their ability to deal damage is decent and they can be found anywhere on the map. Because of everything above, it is vital for a PUBG player to know more about their most popular weapons of choice, Assault Rifles. This strategy guide will bring up some of the most useful information a PUBG player should know.

There are a lot of guns available in PUBG - What to use?

Firstly, there are quite a few things you need to learn by heart when using Assault Rifles.

Assault Rifles are the most useful weapon class in every scenario – hunting for one should be your first priority.

Getting your hand on an AR would be your highest priority

This type of weapon is best used in short and medium distance if without a scope. M416 and SCAR-L are also good at a long distance if you have equipped them with sufficient optics.

It is a good idea to carry a few spare scopes if you intend to get one ARs. Thanks to its versatility, you can change your scopes to either x4 or x8 to fight at medium or long-range combat. For close range? Laser and reflector sight is your best choice of attachment.

A silencer is very useful when you are trying to not reveal your position. With your audibility halved, enemies at long range will never see it coming.

Pubg Weapons Mk47 Mutant
The MK47 Mutant, one of the newer AR

Carrying two assault rifles is not a bad way to go since some of the guns have vastly different strengths and weaknesses. AKM and Groza are much better in medium distance due to their high damage low accuracy bullets – while the rests are better at long range. The top choice is to bring one weapon that fire 7.62 round (AKM or Groza) and another that uses 5.56 (M16A4, M416 or SCAR-L) – for both variabilities in combat and conservation of ammunition.

Equipping with a silencer makes the AR much more effective

Switching your firing mode based on the situation at hand is crucial. Single fire is best used for long-distance sniping, where accuracy is key. On the other hand, auto-fire is better because getting enough shots out is better in closer range combats. The M16A4 is an exception since it does not have an auto mode – you have to use the weapon in burst mode.

Below is a stat breakdown of PUBG's ARs

Stats table for all ARs

Hit Damage is the amount of damage each bullet would do before taking other factors into consideration. There are a lot of things that could affect bullet damage: from velocity, distance shot to the level of armor and hit location. In general, it takes about 3 bullets to kill a player.

Time Between Shots is the duration between two-shot in full auto – one of the factors in calculating damage per second.

Time to Empty Clip is the duration it takes to fire the whole 30 rounds of a bullet clip.

Damage Per Second is the most important factor – calculated using hit damage and time between shots.

Shots Before Recoil Increase is the number of shots you can make until recoil increases. It is very important to know when to stop firing full auto – as its effectiveness drops when the recoil amp hit. You can ignore this limit – but it is best to just follow this for the most accurate spray possible.

Initial Bullet Velocity is the speed of a bullet when it first comes out of the barrels. Velocity goes down the further the bullet travels – and the damage also goes down with it.

Bullet velocity - which gun is better at long range?

Damage Falloff – the farther the bullet travels, the less damage it deals. Assault Rifles has a cap of 75 percent, which means after leaving the gun, the bullet’s damage will go down until it’s 75% of the total.

Weapon range table

Let’s get into the main topic of the guide: how each assault rifle should be used.

First, we would have to consider the bullet types. There are two types of ammo that can be used for Assault Rifles in PUBG – 5.56mm and 7.62mm. The 5.56 is smaller and lighter, which leads to faster traveling speed. With a higher velocity, the bullet would lose less damage as it travels – which means the 5.56 is better in medium to long-range encounters. A 5.56mm bullet would need to travel at least 450 meters to drop to the bottom cap of 75% damage. The 7.62mm bullets are bigger and heavier, and because of that, they deal more damage. Their downside comparing to the 5.56mm is that they take more wind resistance – therefore their damage drops off sharply to the bottom cap at only 275 meters. According to all the attributes mentioned above, 7.62mm bullets are the best for close to medium range engagements.

Tiltreport 960x540
AKs are deadly at close and medium-range

Another thing that is very important when using assault rifles is to know which part of the body to aim for. Every player knows that aiming for the head is the fastest route to a kill, however, there are places that can be just ass effective. Damage multiplication for assault rifles is 250% for the head, 200% for neck, 100% and 90% for body and appendages. It makes sense to aim for the chest and head if a player is standing perfectly still, however, that is not the case most of the time. As an assault rifle has very high damage capabilities – a barrage of body shots would be able to take a player down so it is best to just aim for the body. Furthermore, the body has a hitbox of almost 5 times the head – which means your chances of hitting is about 5 times higher.

You can deal out a surprisingly high amount of damage using an AR

It can definitely be said that Assault Rifle is the most damaging gun type in PUBG. Despite having lower damage than DMRs and Sniper Rifles, Assault rifles have a much higher rate of fire. If every bullet hit, Assault Rifles can bring out at least 450 to 600 points of damage per second – double to triple that of a sniper rifle. Coupled with its versatility and high spawn rate, assault rifles are pretty much the weapon of choice for any situation.

Below is a quick reference table for the damage output of each assault rifles against levels of armor:

For headshot damage:

Damage on headshot with various helmets

For body shot damage:

Damage on body shots with various armors