A best grip in PUBG is very important – it helps remove the recoil created after a gun pump out bullets. Grips could be fitted on a majority of guns in PUBG – its inclusion could dramatically improve the accuracy of burst shots.

A grip is one of the most important attachment since it plays a big role in helping players achieve a higher number of kills. In Mobile shooters, fast reactions and intuitions sometimes are just not enough – a round’s result can be seen by the previous choices the player made…. Like what kind of weapon grips they use, for example.

In comparison to other shooters, PUBG Mobile is just a little more complicated: the ability to add extras to guns. Between two players of the same skill, the right choice of attachments could be the deciding factor.

How to pick the best weapon attachment for your gun

Grips can be used on a lot of guns in play and can improve your accuracy greatly. However, just equipping any grips you see to any gun because it fits isn’t something that a good player would do. It is not mandatory to have one and you can be just fine without it. But, if you decided to use one, careful considerations must be made. A grip’s main ability is to remove the recoil when a round is released. Even if it is just one shot, with a good grip, you would be able to regain focus faster – that is why one grip could be better than the other on the same gun.

Below are our guide for using grips – tips, tricks and strategy to use them to bring out your gun’s greatest potential.

Best Grip in PUBG: The half grip

The first attachment that needs to be mentioned is the half grip – one of the most commonly used grips to upgrade a player’s burst skill. When stuck in a sticky situation like a 1 vs 1, every single bullet matters – you will want your weapon to stay in the same direction.

best grip in pubg mobile
The half grip

The half grip slightly reduces recoil but most importantly, increases recoil recovery, which allows the player to be able to aim better at one target – while spamming quite a few shots. However, horizontal recoil is harder to control than vertical recoil, so if your opponents are moving too fast, this best grip in PUBG Mobile would be not as effective. But don’t be discouraged from using half grip just because of this, the quick recovery ability added by it is still something that would give you an edge over your foes.

best grip for m416 pubg mobile
Best grip for M416 PUBG Mobile: An M416 equipped with Half Grip

One major weakness of the half grip is that weapon stability is reduced while combined with it, due to the grip’s lower weight. To combat that weakness, one should use this grip with weapons that are already too steady, such as the Vector.

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Best Grip in PUBG: The thumb grip

Many players prefer using the vertical grip over this one, however, based on the data gathered from the majority of players, the thumb grip secured the position of being the most versatile.

best grip in pubg
The thumb grip

The thumb grip’s main advantage is that it reduces the time taken to bring up a scope, which is very important to snipers. In a sniping match, just open up your scope a moment faster than the enemy would mean a lot. The other stats that the thumb grip would increase are recoil reduction and weapon stability. It does not reduce as much recoil as the other types of grips, but still serviceable. The increase in weapon stability, however, is a great help in handing a scoped weapon since the scope would not move around too much with a stable weapon.

Scar L With Thumb Grip
A Scar L with Thumb Grip

Best to use on sniper rifles and any scoped weapons.

Best grip in PUBG: The vertical foregrip

A favorite attachment of many PUBG players, the vertical grip is the best choice to use on heavy weapons with a high recoil stat, such as the Beryl and the Tommy Gun. In fact, it is the only weapon grip available for the Tommy Gun, SMG class.

best grip in pubg mobile
The vertical grip is the best choice to use on heavy weapons

Similar to the thumb grip, the vertical grip is quite versatile and can be used on a great many situations. The weakness of the vertical grip is that it is too good at one thing without any further bonuses to the other aspects. Vertical is predictable – you might not even need a grip if you are familiar with the weapon. Therefore, the grip is less useful. However, there is no denying its great stability-enhancing. If only the vertical grip offers something against horizontal recoil as well – it would be a top tier grip if that was the case.

Sks With Vertical Foregrip
An Sks With Vertical Foregrip

Best grip in PUBG: The angled foregrip

Considered the best grip in PUBG to use with SMGs and Ars, the angled grip greatly reduced the horizontal recoil when in extended combat.

best grip in pubg mobile
The angled foregrip

Furthermore, the angled grip offers better ADS speed, which leads to faster spray while scoped. The weakness of this grip is that it reduces weapon steadiness, which might lead to inaccuracy burst shots. This works against the reduction in recoil and lowers the gun’s accuracy in long ranges fights.

M416 With Angled Foregrip
Best grip for M416 PUBG Mobile: An M416 With Angled Foregrip

Best grip in PUBG: The light grip

The light grip is the best when it comes to making single shots. Exchange weapon stability for high recoil, with this grip equipped, stable guns like Vector would gain pinpoint accuracy. The recoil does not matter much since you are just going to do single shots anyway.

best grip in pubg mobile
The light grip

Due to its strength in only one area, the light grip is placed last when it comes to choosing an attachment. The recoil added is so high that if you are caught off guard in close-quarter or ambushed at medium range, the light grip might even be a detriment to your effort.

Ump9 Light Grip
An Ump9 with Light Grip

Using a best grip in PUBG provides the players further advantage based on the gun they are using and their playstyle. To achieve the best score possible, every little thing matters. A good player is the one who can make use of everything at their disposal – the best thing when picking up a grip is to test the weapon to get the feel of it.

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