Picking the best gun in PUBG Mobile has always been pretty difficult, due to the sheer size of the world map and the various situations that you might find yourself getting stuck in. Infiltrating a building with narrow corridors and various corners? A shotgun would be your best friend. However, the gun would be pretty useless in normal combat outside.

Because of that, in order to improve your PUBG Mobile gameplay, you have to learn all about the best weapons you should use in the game. This guide by Gurugamer.com would showcase everything about the best gun to use in PUBG Mobile and the best gun combo in PUBG Mobile.

Best gun in PUBG Mobile: Assault Rifle


This gun is probably the best weapon available in the game when it is fully modded with attachments. Solid damage, low recoil on auto mode, high accuracy. While its long-range capability isn’t the best, the gun is still amongst the better options.

M416 best gun to use in pubg mobile
The M416 is amongst the best gun to use in PUBG Mobile


The AKM with its explosive single-shot damage is great for experienced players who are familiar with the weapon and how to score headshots. The AKM has so much damage it could take down a level 2 helmet with 2 headshots. If you found a nice scope for this gun, you would be able to go around and headshot people all day long. Just don’t try to use the AKM to spray, as you would probably not be able to hit anything.

AKM pubg mobile
AKM is very popular with pro players


The M16A4 is a solid single-shot weapon with pinpoint accuracy. While its damage isn’t that good, the accuracy would more or less made up for it, as the M16A4’s bullet speed is ultra-high. The weakest part of the weapon, however, is that it doesn’t have full auto. Burst Fire is great in its own way, but having an auto mode would still be better.

M16a4 best gun in pubg mobile
M16a4 is a very accurate weapon


The best spray weapon in the Assault Rifle class – the SCAR-L is great at spraying down foes in short to medium distance. As a single fire weapon, it is nowhere near the level of best gun in PUBG Mobile, however.

Scar L pubg mobile
The Scar L is best used in spraying

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Best gun in PUBG Mobile: SMGs


Highest raw damage SMG in the game. In close-quarter fights, the Vector would definitely be a great help in defeating your enemies. However, it is very important that you get your hand on an extended magazine as soon as possible, as the original 13 bullet magazine would run out immediately.

The Vector pubg mobile
The Vector has great damage


The UMP is a decent SMG, with its strength being a longer range than other guns in its class. This gun would definitely serve well as a secondary weapon – you can even pair it with a sniper rifle.

Ump9 Light Grip
The UMP 9 can be pretty accurate

Best gun in PUBG Mobile: Shotguns


The S12K would be really good if you want to clear out an urban area. The rapid-fire rate made the thing ridiculously deadly, as long as you can land your shots “somewhat” on target. An extended magazine would definitely make this work in even duo and squad mode.

S12k pubg mobile
The S12k is definitely worth using in close-quarter


This is like the AWM of shotgun class. The S686 has only 2 shots that deal very high damage – if you manage to land both, your opponents would stand no chance. However, if you miss even once, it is likely that you would be finished off quickly afterward.

S686 pubg mobile
The S686 is the most damaging weapon in theory

Best gun in PUBG Mobile: Pistols


Outside of the early opening minutes of the game, pistols are pretty much useless due to their low damage, range, and rate of fire. The P18C with its automatic fire mode is an exception, however. If you have a battle pass challenge to complete or haven’t found any better weapons, the P18C would serve very well.

P18C pubg mobile
The P18C is the only Pistol worth using

Best gun in PUBG Mobile: Sniper Rifles

There is also a guide available for Sniper Rifles as well.


The Kar98k is probably the best common Sniper Rifle in the game – as it is just very easy to find. While its nature of being a bolt action would make hitting multiple shots a challenge – one headshot would still kill anything except a level 3 helmet instantly.

Kar98k pubg mobile
Kar98k Is An Excellent Sniper Rifle

Mini 14

The Mini14 can be pretty good if you have a good trigger finger and can use it in close quarters. Due to its rapid-fire rate, the gun can be really useful in a lot of situations.

Mini 14 pubg mobile
The Mini 14 is very stable

Best gun in PUBG Mobile: AirDrop Weapons


AWM pubg mobile
The AWM is the most damaging weapon in the game

All the weapons from airdrops in PUBG Mobile are amazing and you should definitely grab one if you are able. However, amongst those guns, the AWM is probably the best of them all. With its high damage and bullet speed, the gun would one shot everything with a headshot, and two-shot a level 2 vest. You would have to prepare a good scope beforehand, however.


M249 pubg mobile
The M249 has the biggest magazine in PUBG

With its high damage and magazine size, the M249 is the best spray weapon in the game. You would be able to shred just about everything in sight, from people to vehicles. While keeping an eye on the gun’s ammo level is a must, the M249 is still very usable with its original 100 bullets magazine.

After this, you probably have had a better idea about which is the best gun in PUBG Mobile. Please check out this post for our guide for the Assault Rifle Weapon class.