Honestly, we do not think we need to introduce you guys about PUBG and PUBG Mobile. These two games have become the most iconic game titles in our country. However, although we love PUBG and PUBG Mobile very much, it is quite hard for majority of us can’t play the game as both PUBG games demand good PC/laptop – mobile phone. Moreover, PUBG’s price is $14 dollars (about more than Rs 1000), not a cheap price. That is why PUBG Corp. and Tencent have produced PUBG Lite and PUBG Mobile Lite. And that means the question about PUBG vs PUBG Lite is being viral now.

pubg vs pubg lite
PUBG vs PUBG Lite has been a big question since PUBG Lite's release date

In this article, Gurugamer.com will try to answer that question for your guys. But before we go into specific deal of the PUBG Lite vs PUBG topic, there are some things we need you to fully understand first.

First of all, there are totally four PUBG games at the moment: PUBG PC and PUBG Lite for PC, and PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite for mobile phone. PUBG PC and PUBG Lite are developed by PUBG Corp., while PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite are developed by Tencent. The player base of these four games are separated, so make sure you and your friends are playing the same PUBG game before match making.

Moreover, in this article, we will only cover two sub-topics: PUBG Lite vs PUBG Mobile Emulator and PUBG Lite vs PUBG PC. PUBG Mobile Lite has been officially online, but then that game still needs some more time to be fully developed. At the moment, PUBG Mobile Lite is not an enjoyable game, as it does not have so many key features. Let’s start to find the answer for PUBG vs PUBG Lite question right now.

pubg lite gameplay
We dont recommend PUBG Mobile Lite at the moment, as the game still needs more time

PUBG Lite vs PUBG Mobile Emulator

First of all, we are proud to say that PUBG Lite was born thanks to us. In South East Asia and India, the number of PUBG lover goes so high that PUBG Corp. can’t ignore us anymore. We do not have high-end PC or gaming laptop to enjoy the game, and the price tag of PUBG PC is another obstacle. That is why many of us switch to PUBG Mobile Emulator. This can be a good option, but with PUBG Lite is here now, you guys do not need to do that anymore.

pubg mobile gameplay
You can stop playing PUBG Mobile Emulator now, as we have PUBG Lite here

PUBG Mobile Emulator is PUBG Mobile being run on an emulator software. Majority of us choose the emulator software from Tencent because this company promised that its emulator software would only match your with other emulator software users. That is a lie. We have encountered countless mobile players of the game while we are playing PUBG Mobile Emulator. This feature does surely bring an extremely unpleasant gaming experience for emulator users and real mobile gaming players.

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Moreover, PUBG Mobile is an optimized game for mobile phone platform, so performance lags are everywhere in PUBG Mobile Emulator, no matter how strong your PC is (unless your PC is new and worth at least more than $1000 dollars).

For PUBG Mobile Emulator, you can hardly get the standard 60fps frame rate, but the story is not the same for PUBG Lite. Frame rate of PUBG Lite is awesome, as our weakest PC can run this game at 65fps. The graphics of PUBG Mobile Emulator has no change against the graphics of PUBG Lite. Moreover, PUBG Lite feature full gameplay features and physics setting of PUBG PC, so you can start to enjoy the real PUBG now.

Hopefully, at this point, you guys can answer the PUBG Lite vs PUBG Mobile Emulator question yourself. Next, we will discuss about the PUBG Lite vs PUBG right below.


Now we come to the real part: PUBG vs PUBG Lite. In this question, the answer is not obvious like the above question anymore. It comes down to what type of PC or gaming laptop that you have at the moment.

For the majority of gamers in our country, owning a new and powerful PC or gaming laptop is just as easy as owning a dragon. PC or laptops we have are normally old and low-end, so even if your PC can run PUBG PC, playing at the ultra setting is just a fantasy. In most case, your PC can run this game at about 30fps to 60fps frame rate on the medium or low setting. That is somewhat acceptable for us, but then your chances of winning the chicken dinner are not high at all. That is why if your computer is not good, you should switch to PUBG Lite.

Old acer computer
With a computer like this, how can you expect to play PUBG properly?

If your PC can run PUBG at 30fps to 60 fps frame rate at low setting, then we can guarantee that you will fully enjoy the sweet 60fps to 80fps frame rate at medium or high setting in PUBG Lite. Better frame rate always means better performance in the game.

Moreover, as PUBG Lite requires much less data for a match, then you ping will significantly go down. Normally, your ping in a match can go up to 60ms or 90ms. But with PUBG Lite, your ping can go down to 10ms to 40ms. The standard ping for most esports games is 20ms to 30ms, so you can see how dramatic these changes are.

low-end pc and laptop running pubg lite
PUBG Lite is born for low-end PC and laptop

And the best part of PUBG Lite is that the game keeps all the physical setting and recoil system of PUBG, you just have to trade off a little bit graphical quality. That means when you can afford to play PUBG, you don’t have to feel like you start the game all over again. And in PUBG Lite, you only play with other PUBG Lite players, so the quality of the match is certainly high.

However, if you have a decent PC and you have been playing PUBG comfortable, we recommend you to stick with PUBG. PUBG Lite an optimized game for low-end PC only, so glitches will appear when the game is run on a high-end PC.

High-end PC
If your PC happens to look like this, dont bother thinking about PUBG LIte

So to wrap up the topic of PUBG vs PUBG Lite today, we can only say that PUBG Lite is the most optimal option for the majority of gamers in our country, considering the average level of PCs and internet connections in India today. If you are having issues while playing PUBG PC or PUBG Mobile Emulator, then PUBG Lite can surely bring you the best PUBG experience.