PUBG is a rather special game with unique gameplay that demands a lot from your system. Because of the high requirement, the developers have been trying to create various methods so that players with weaker computers would still be able to enjoy the game. One of that is the lower-graphics version, PUBG Lite.

In this article, we would elaborate more about every feature that the version has compared to the original game along with its various characteristics like PUBG PC Lite size and PUBG PC Lite minimum requirements. Find out more about this game on

What are the differences between PUBG PC Lite Size & Requirements comparing to PUBG PC?

Overall, the two games have mostly identical gameplay, with 100 players jumping into a giant map and fight until only one left standing.

The main differences between the two versions are the graphics, along with various smaller changes here and there. Firstly, the game is free to play, unlike the full version that’s currently selling on Steam with a price tag of twenty dollars. The graphics of the game is simplified but still beautiful – the developer team only strike out some of the more demanding options while leaving a lot of assets intact. In the sound department, the quality of everything stays the same.

Finally, about PUBG PC Lite size and PUBG PC Lite minimum requirements. While they have had a lot of PUBG PC Lite update since its debut in the Indian gaming market, the game is only approximately 3 GB, a tenth of the full version.

PUBG PC Lite Minimum Requirements & Recommended Requirements

Pubg 1
PUBG PC Lite Update: Various requirements for the game to run

From the table above, we can easily see that PUBG Mobile can definitely work most machines that were not produced 15 years ago. It doesn't require a real graphics card and can be run using the onboard Intel HD Graphics. The 4GB RAM requirement is pretty easy to meet as well.

How to get PUBG PC Lite to work?

There are two steps you need to do in order to play PUBG Lite PC on your computer: Create an account for the game and install it. Below is our step by step guide to download and install PUBG Lite. Microsoft Visual C++, DirectX 11, and .NET Framework 4.5.2 are available underneath if you need them.

Pubg lite
The download button on the Home page. Below are the various drivers and system components that you might need in installing the game. Download them if there are error messages.

The install steps are Select language > Accept Agreements > Select install location. Afterward, press Install to complete the Setup. After popping up the file and install the game, you would then need to create an account to use on the launcher.

Firstly, you would need to run PUBG Lite and press the "I don't have an account" on the small launcher that appears. Afterward, you would be directed to a setup page:

Pubg lite sign up
The sole requirement for this step is an email account. You can either fill in the steps or just skip everything if you have a Facebook/Google/Twitter account available.

After your account is confirmed, you would need to use it to log in to the launcher. The final step is hitting the big "Download" button so that the launcher would automatically acquire the game's files and assets.

Pubg 4
Acquiring PUBG Lite Update using the launcher. The initial PUBG PC Lite Size should be small.

Keyboard and Mouse controls for PUBG Lite PC Size

controls for PUBG Lite PC
Overall, the controls for PUBG Lite PC is pretty much identical to the full version.

Differences in game mechanics and physics between PUBG Lite PC Size & other PUBG versions

Various smaller details are removed in PUBG Lite such as the extra animations. For example, in Lite, there would be no rolling then standing animation when landing on the ground, whereas that was one of the main features in the original. PUBG PC Lite is still leagues ahead of the Mobile version, however, as various physics demanding objects such as window glasses are included in this release.

Pubg lite ultra vs pubg mobile ultra
A graphical comparison between the Lite version and the Mobile version

As we can see from the picture above, the Lite version of PUBG, while already compressed, still looks much better than the Mobile version, due to the processing power of a computer. About the maps that are available on PUBG Lite, it is possible for you to enjoy pretty much everything there, with Erangel, Vikendi, Miramar and Sanhok already ported. The new Karakin map is also coming soon as well. For guides related to these maps, you can also check out a complete walkthrough of Erangel or detailed runs of Karakin.

Final Verdict for PUBG PC Lite Size

PUBG PC Lite is an excellent replacement for PUBG if you are unable to run the game on your computer. The PUBG PC Lite size is small, and PUBG PC Lite minimum requirements are low.

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