PUBG Developers have been trying to improve the game without dividing the player base any further, as the PC version of PUBG is slowly losing players. As the mobile version of the game generally just port contents from the main version, any changes in the PC version would also affect PUBG Mobile. A new map for PUBG called Karakin has just been revealed – it is currently playable on test servers. It is likely that Karakin would replace Vikendi for a period of time (PUBG’s maps will be put on rotation). In this article, we would list out some of the most important features of this new map.

222 Karakin Minimap 1 1024x1024
The map of Karakin

Overall Strategy

The location is filled with smaller houses - without larger concentrations of buildings on the map, getting loot would be way harder

Karakin is the smallest map in the game at 2x2, which is actually 4 times smaller than Sanhok. While there are enough guns to go around, support items such as high-level scopes and meds are very hard to obtain. It is crucial that players do not waste resources, as replacements will most of the time not be available. About guns: high tier weapons are rare, and the only common spawn on the map is the Winchester. It is best that you learn how to use the gun effectively, as most of the time you would end up with the gun and no other choices available.

Black Zone Changes

Pubg Karakin 2
The port of Hadiga Nemo

The black zone in Karakin is even more dangerous than usual, as it happens more frequently and deal a lot more damage. You won’t be safe even inside structures. If you have to get through the zone, try to avoid staying inside buildings. Walls in this map can be penetrated with gunfire as well - it is best that you practice bouncing your bullets through walls.

Sticky Bombs

5 Sea Shore 2
Karakin is similar yet very different from Miramar

Another addition to this map is the sticky bombs. They are more or less an easier to use grenade, as the thing would stick to the first object it hit. Overall, it is an amazing offensive item that can also be used to destroy structures.

Terrains and Locations

Pubg Karakin 3
Smaller buildings like this can easily be destroyed by explosives

The map is much smaller than Sanhok, and because of that, it would only be able to support 64 players max instead of the usual 100. There are only 6 big towns on the map, which are located on the coast. The middle section of the map is covered by hills and hard to navigate terrains, along with underground passageways and small houses.

Overall, the style of gameplay that you should adopt while playing this map is aggressive, as there is pretty much no space to hide. As buildings can be destroyed, the number of covers would also be reduced over time as well. Interested in more of our PUBG related articles? Please check out this post for a complete guide for the Sanhok map.