VSS is not one of the strongest sniper rifle guns in PUBG. Its damage point is pretty lower than other SRs, such as Kar98k, M24, or AWM. Therefore, most players prefer using a Kar98k or M24 instead of holding a VSS. Making a VSS kill from a 549m range is amazing and incredible. But this PUBG player got a ridiculous kill from 549 meters away, across the river. Check out this performance here with Gurugamer.com

A Ridiculous VSS Kill From 549 Meters Away

The Reddit user u/Dizastrously-Human posted a video clip featuring this 549m VSS kill in PUBG. In the video, the player shooted over and over again before getting a kill. An outstanding advantage of VSS is silenced bullets. Therefore, you can kill the enemy quietly without unveiling your position to the enemies. Provided that you have a good cover and your enemies don’t spot you, you can get kills in silence.

A Vss Kill In Pubg From 549 Meter Range
A VSS Kill In PUBG From 549 Meter Range

This PUBG player tooks a lot of shots before landing a couple of accurate bullets to kill his enemy. 

Getting shots from the VSS, his enemy couldn’t find the direction of the ammo to find a cover. That man was confused and couldn’t do anything but run around. With some silent bullets, Dizastrously-Human killed the enemy with his VSS at the long distance of 549 meters. 

Vss Is Already Attached With A Big Scope For Long
VSS Is Already Attached With A Big Scope For Long-Range Combat

PUBG Is The Land Of Snipers

PUBG is a great game for snipers with good mechanics for long-range shooting. This game has an excellent shooting system, which is attractive with snipers. The bullet drop is realistic in mechanism, shape, and range. With the help of scopes, you can spot and aim at the enemy from a long distance and shoot accurately.

Pubg Has A Great Mechanism For Snipers
PUBG Has A Great Mechanism For Snipers

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