This can be one of the wisest players in PUBG. He had an epic 1-v-6 match win in the final circle after hiding in a bush and suddenly clear the last enemy team. Check out his excellent performance here with

Discretion Sometimes Is The Best Strategy In PUBG

Sometimes, with enough patience and discretion, you can get Chicken Dinner like the PUBG player rick4934. A Reddit user u/barronlroth lately posted a gameplay video clip featuring a 1-v-6 match win of his friend. This player managed to survive among six enemies and clutched an epic match win. The video clip was uploaded on Reddit this Monday.

Rick4934 Cleared A Team And Got Chicken Dinner
Rick4934 Hid In The Bush, Cleared An Enemy Team And Got Chicken Dinner

In the video clip, Barron Roth was playing a PUBG game on the new map Karakin. His teammate rick4934was the last survivor in his squad in the final circle with the other six enemies. Surrounded by two enemy teams, this player hid in a bush just by the sandhill where a team of three occupied. But those three players didn’t notice the presence of Rick. They were in a fight with another three-member team out of Rick’s sight.

An Epic PUBG 1-V-6 Chicken Dinner

Rick4934 stood still in silence until the team on the hill clear the other team. When the enemy team pushed another team, Rick threw a bomb, knocking one member of the enemy team before jumped out to shoot down the other two members.

Rick Knocked Down Some Enemies Before Clearing The
Rick Knocked Down Some Enemies Before Clearing Their Team

Because of the sudden attack, that team couldn’t respond and got killed. Right after the bomb exploded, the two standing members running to find Rick. This player calmly knocked down the frontman and got several damages from both enemy players. He nearly lost the match when his health is pretty low and even turn red. But with accurate bullets from his M416, he killed the last enemy before losing the game.