The new map Karakin 2x2 has been updated recently with a higher loot rate. With this enhancement, PUBG Corp. is making this new map bloodier with earlier combat and stronger weapons. Check it out here with

Karakin Location Map
Karakin Location Map In PUBG

PUBG Corp. has increased the loot rate in the new map Karakin to make players more aggressive for combat. Keep in mind that Karakin map is the smallest map in PUBG now which is only 2x2 in size. Therefore, combat often occurs early. Many players commented that they even don’t have time to react to the shot and get knocked instantly right after landing.

Pubg Corp Increases Loot Rate In Karakin Map
PUBG Corp Increases Loot Rate in Karakin Map, Making It A Bloody Battleground

Moreover, lots of players gave the dev team feedbacks, saying that the loot rate is very low. They couldn’t find enough weapons, scopes, or ammo after traversing throughout the map.

PUBG Corp. Increased Loot Rate on Karakin Map

Receiving feedback from players, the dev of PUBG Corp. increased the loot rate on this map. Now, players can easily find more 2x, 3x, and 4x scopes, sniper rifle guns, and DMR. More amazingly, the dev also decreases the spawn rate of useless melee weapons and Sawed-off shotgun. In short, they reduce the appearance of rudimentary weapons and increase the loot rate of modern guns.

Karakin Map Is Not For Newbies
Karakin Map Is Bloodier and Riskier For Newbies In PUBG

This enhancement, to some extent, makes Karakin map bloodier than ever before. More strong weapons in such a small map and less than players alive in the second circle is not a surprise on this map. It seems to be an effort of PUBG Corp. to take back their hay day. But many players don’t think that. It makes Karakin not a good place for newbies when pro players become more aggressive for kills with decent weapons and attachments in their hands. But pro players can enjoy high-paced combat here or quick Chicken Dinner with the best loots on Karakin map.