The newest PUBG Map, Karakin, is really special. Due to its smaller size, matches on the maps would be vastly different from the usual PUBG experience, with fast action and various close contests. While there are only 64 players on the map, way fewer than the usual 100, the 2x2 size is more than enough to force people to stumble upon each other

With this guide, we would point out some of the best places to get drops on this island.

1 – Cave Bunkers

Pubg Karakin Map Hut Tunnels Compounds Loot Drop T
These are access spots for the tunnels

This location is unmarked on the map – and because of that, it usually does not get as much attention as everywhere else. The tunnel system under Karakin could be accessed by invading those little structures scattered across the map. You can quickly get around in the tunnels to gather loot, and they are decent places to make ambushes as well. However, to access the deeper level, you would have to bring some explosives like sticky bombs or C4.

2 – Bahr Sahir

Pubg Karakin Map Bahr Sahir Loot Drop The Loadout
Bahr Sahir is a decent location to start at - with a lot of high quality loot

Bahr Sahir is a tiny town in the northwest part of Karakin. This location is a treasure trove, with a lot of places to hide and buildings to loot. The most crucial part is that you stay away from the water, as that side is rather open and you would definitely be spotted from afar. There is also a passage to an underground space that contains high tier loot, however, you have to be pretty careful, as the location is a dead end and you would not have any places to hide.

3 – Bashara

Bashara The Loadout Pubg Karakin 1080 1920
It is best to focus on the buildings on higher ground in this town

Bashara is a town of comparable size right below Sahir, with plenty of places to hide and loot to grab. You should focus on the flats on higher ground and the large warehouse on the outskirts, as high-level items often spawned there. The cramped architecture is ideal for an ambush, therefore, as soon as you are able to grab a weapon, it is best to set up a trap instead of continuing looting.

4 – Hadiqa Nemo

Pubg Karakin Map Hadiqa Habar Loot Drop The Loadou
Grab some explosives first before exploring this spot

A small town on the east side of Karakin, Nemo is best for stealth plays, due to its size. Within the mayhem and chaos that the map offers, it is very likely that players would be able to get a stealth kill. The thing you need to be careful about when exploring this town is the wide-open spaces between structures – it is rather hard to avoid getting spotted. Finally, you probably would need some explosives for this town, as a decent amount of loot is hidden behind destructible walls.

5 – Al Habar

Pubg Karakin Map Al Habar Loot Drop The Loadout 10
A sniper rifle works best on the top of those buildings

Al Habar is one of the rare vantage points on the map, with various hotels and flats that you can get on top. The loot is also located on that platform, and because of that, it is in your best interest to get to the highest location as fast as possible.

6 – Cargo Ship

Pubg Karakin Map Cargo Ship Loot Drop The Loadout
Be careful when infiltrating the cargo boat

Lies on the southwest corner of Karakin, Cargo Ship is distinctly different from the rest of the map. There is a lot of loot on this spot, with decent covers provided by the containers. However, it is best that you be careful, as people would be drawn to this location very quickly. The smaller compound nearby can also serve as a backup, as it does contain some guns to bolster your arsenal.

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