The final episode of the PUBG Mobile Web Series Dosti Ka Naya Maidan is coming out on Valentine's day, February 14. Unlike the other 4 previous episodes where it is all about friends and family, this episode will be a love story between 2 PUBG Mobile players, featuring ScoutOP from team Fnatic and YouTuber 'shreeman'. The trailer of the episode just came out on the PUBG MOBILE India Official YouTube channel. You can also check out the trailer right below. Note that the trailer might contain content that is not suitable for children or very family-friendly.

The episode will talk about a couple who meet each other in PUBG Mobile and they decided to have a date in real life. But it seems that even though they haven't even met, our guy already wants to propose to his girl. Well, he actually does it on their first date and course the girl turns him down. But that is not the end of their relationship yet.

Dosti Ka Naya Maidan E05 Trailer Pubg Web Series D
Our guy try to propose his girl on their first date

The date turns out pretty well and they get along with each other as we can see at the end of the trailer. In ScoutOP's cameo, the trailer also shows that the girl's friend is suggesting her to invite our guy home to do the thing that couples usually do  with "chocolate flavor condoms in the left drawer."

Dosti Ka Naya Maidan E05 Trailer Pubg Web Series D
ScoutOP as he hears the "chocolate flavor" suggestion

It sounds like that this episode will be a perfect one to close up this PUBG Mobile series. But I should remind you that you shouldn't watch it with your family or things can turn out to be pretty awkward. The Dosti Ka Naya Maidan series has reached a total of almost 18 million views so far with 4 episodes You can watch the latest episode, episode 4, here.