The 4th episode of the PUBG Mobile Web Series Dosti Ka Naya Maidan is now out today. This time, the story has a totally different vibe to the previous 3 episodes. It is a touching story about a young man who got fired from his job, which turns out to be good as it gives him the opportunity to learn to become a streamer and help his mom. One can easily recognize that this story is loosely based on the life of the most popular PUBG Mobile streamer in India, MortaL.

You can watch the show on the PUBG MOBILE India Official YouTube channel or you can just watch it right below.

Santosh is a young man work in an office and streams PUBG Mobile on YouTube in his free time. His family is poor. His dad passed away and his mom had to deliver tiffin boxes to raise him alone so after losing his job, he is very upset. However, his friend convinces him to try to devote to his passion and become a full-time PUBG Mobile streamer.

Dosti Ka Naya Maidan E04 Likes Ka Conqueror Dknm 0
Santosh is fired due to downsizing

But, there is only one little problem. Santosh doesn't know how to entertain his viewers and continously receive negative comments even though his gameplay is good. Luckily, he meets up with a successful fellow streamer called "LoneWolf24." Thanks to him, Santosh learns how to treat the audiences as his friends and play the game not just to win, but to entertain people.

Dosti Ka Naya Maidan E04 Likes Ka Conqueror Dknm 9
Santosh meets LoneWolf24 to ask for help

With a small suggestion from Santosh's mom, they come up with the idea of a 24-hour stream with all kinds of challenges requested by the audiences. The stream is a success as they get Rs 65,400 from Super Chat, which Santosh gives most of it to his mom to thank her.

Dosti Ka Naya Maidan E04 Likes Ka Conqueror Dknm 2
Their 24-hour stream is a great success

There is only one more episode left in the series and the video reveals that it will come online on February 14. You can check out the third episode here.