A PUBG epic revenge scene has been done by a PUBG player recently in a squad game when his team was nearly cleared. Instead of evading for survival, this PUBG player tried to avenger his squad by hit the enemy team by car. Check out his performance here with Gurugamer.com.

Recently, a Reddit user named Banzu_Rei uploaded a clip featuring his squad nearly being cleared in a vehicle crash. It seemed that a player from the squad his team had wiped out came back to avenger his squad.

A Pubg Epic Revenge
A PUBG Player Tried To Avenger For His Squad With A Car Crash

A PUBG Epic Revenge

The full team of Banzu_Rei’s was getting into a Mirado IN Mirama desert to escape the blue zone and get into the safe zone. Suddenly, a UAZ rushed toward their team at high speed and crashed into his team’s car. Only one member of his team was alive after the car crash, Banzu_Rei was knocked down, and the other two members were killed. Because of the blue zone, his teammates’ health was reduced a lot. And two unlucky members died right away.

Pubg Epic Revenge
The Car Crash Killed Two Players And Knocked Down A Player Of The Enemy Squad

While the crazy car was rushing into them, Banzu_Rei and his two friends were in the car. Fortunately, the last member of his team was hiding behind a broken vehicle, so he stayed alive. The last survivor in Banzu_Rei's squad tried to shoot down the enemy driver before revived him.

That last member of Banzu_Rei’s enemy squad deserves a big applause. Instead of run away and try to survive, he came back for that epic revenge even when Banzu_Rei’s squad was still full of four members. Besides, Banzu_Rei’s team was lucky when all four members were not in the car at that time, or they were cleared. The car crash caused such a great explosion that it killed two members of this team instantly.