Because of various concerns related to the outbreak of the coronavirus nCoV, PUBG Corps, the developer, and organizer of PUBG events has announced in a public post that the upcoming Global Series tournament Finals in Berlin would be postponed.

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Berlin has hosted a lot of world-class PUBG Tournament

PUBG’s developers have big plans for the Esports scene this year, with various big events, tournaments, and leagues planned all over the world. This is partly because of the public’s dwindling interests on the game, and PUBG’s drive for innovations and changes, which leads to them putting all their eggs in one basket: Esports scene.

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China has reached a 50% total player base before

However, their attempt was stopped by something most unexpected: A plague. PGS Berlin was scheduled to be held in Apr 2020, with various regional qualifiers to pick out the teams for the main event. It also serves as a qualifier for the main PUBG tournament, the Global Championship in November. However, the Chinese player base is a fifth of the total player base of the game, and with the coronavirus’s death and infected toll rapidly increasing, the company has no other choice than postpone/change the plans for all events

The general format of the tournament

Despite all the cancellations, their overall plan for 2020 remains unchanged. There would still be four global esports events for the game in 2020 – and they are currently actively looking for new places and time windows so that a replacement event could happen.

The coronavirus has become one of the biggest worldwide problems ever since its arrival in Wuhan last year. The official death toll has reached a thousand, and all events in China, including the qualifier for Berlin, was postponed. Various video games related products were also affected, such as the Switch version of the Outer Worlds, reveals of PS5 and Xbox Series X, and more. Interested in more of our article related to video games? Please check out this post for more information about the current results of PMCO.