The presence of Jake Sin, former director of PUBG Esports, in Riot Games presents their strong determination for huge growth in 2020. The shifting of Jake Sin from PUBG Corp. to Riot Games is also bad news for this battle royale game. Check it out with

Jake Sin Joined Riot Games

Riot Games successfully recruited Jake Sin after he had left PUBG Esports. Obviously, this game publisher planning lots of things in 2020 when they still focus on only League Of Legend now. Moreover, 2020 is the 10-year celebration of this game publisher. Before that, this publisher has leaked some news about their new plans this year.

Jake Sin Left Pubg Corp And Enlisted To Riot Games
Jake Sin Left PUBG Corp. And Enlisted To Riot Games

To make these plans come true, the father of LOL is building up their great crew and recruiting more talented producers. The first man joining Riot to launch these new games is Jake Sin – former director of PUBG Esports.

After entering a new company, Jake Sin posted his tweet about his coming to Riot Games. The former director of PUBG Esports will work as the Special eSports Project Leader for new games. He also supports Riot Games in Korea. Specifically, Jake Sin takes the responsibility to build up esports features for new Riot games in 2020, such as Legends of Runeterra, League of Legends: Wild Rift, and Teamfight Tactics before pushing the growth of LOL in Korean.

Jake Sin Announced To Join Riot Games
Jake Sin Announced To Join The Game Publisher Of LOL On His Twitter

Moreover, fans of Project A and Project L also expect to see huge enhancements in these games this year. They hope to see new excitements that Jake Sin can bring to these games with his wildly-recognized talent.

The Leaving Of Jake Sin Leaves PUBG In Dim Future

Jake Sin leaving PUBG Corp. may leave the game PUBG in a crisis, especially when PUBG is facing a decline in players. Moreover, many professional PUBG teams are about to break up. In his status on Twitter, he also unveiled that PUBG Corp. is not focusing on the PC version of this game as much as before.

Jake Sin Is Expected To Help Riot Games Boost Lol
Jake Sin Is Expected To Help Riot Games Boost LOL Esports

It is likely PUBG Corp. tends to promote PUBG Mobile after seeing the great potential of this game. The future of PUBG after Jake’s leaving is still unclear. But Riot Games publisher is expected to gain greater success with the presence of Jake Sin in their team. Keep updating more esports news with