UK-based esports organization Fnatic is continuing its venture into the Indian market, recruiting former Riot Games employee Nimish Raut as the leader of its branch in the country.

According to Raut’s profile on LinkedIn, he has been at this role since December 2019. Before that, he was Senior Manager for Esports in Southeast Asia and Greater China for Riot Games.

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Former Riot Games employee Nimish Raut is now the leader of Fnatic's Indian division

Fnatic co-owner and Chief Gaming Officer Patrik “Carn” Sättermon shared that he’s “very pleased” to have Raut join the team.  They already met a few years ago and Sättermon said it’s “exciting” that Raut is now leading Fnatic’s expansion in India. He also mentioned that the organization aims to become an active player in pushing the growth of the esports ecosystem in the country.

Fnatic first began to capitalize on the esports scene of India back in October last year, when it acquired a local PUBG Mobile team. Now, Raut’s task will be to make the organization’s presence expand as it sets up training facilities such as a gaming house.

Fnatic Pubg Team
Fnatic acquired a local PUBG team last year

Speaking to AFK Gaming, Raut stated that he’s “extremely excited” about this opportunity. His previous job at Riot Games gave him a close understanding of how popular Fnatic is to fans around the world and how the team works.  He also mentioned that the organization has big plans for India in the future, starting with opening a full-fledged facility in the country and not just a bootcamp.

Furthermore, Raut also wants to bring in the required professionalism while at the same time establishing partnerships with various brands to find ways for them to invest in the ecosystem.

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Alongside Fnatic, Team Vitality is also entering the Indian market

India is a major area of interest for global organizations that are looking for opportunities to expand. With a local lead like Raut, who has lots of experience in the field, Fnatic will no doubt stand a great chance to build momentum in the market. Alongside Fnatic, Team Vitality is also jumping into the fray.