Just a week ago, we've reported to you about Riot Games' ambition to make new story-driven single-player games with establishing its new studio - Riot Forge. The effort seems quite vague at that time, but today, we finally have a clearer look into the project they're working on: Ruined King and Convergence!

The exact name of these two new games are 'Ruined King: A League of Legends Story' and 'Convergence: A League of Legends Story', but we will call them Ruined King and Convergence for short. They are the first efforts of Riot to make single-player games that takes the famous theme of its extremely-famous MOBA League of Legends and also to enlarge its gaming universe as well.

Let's find out what will happen in these two games one by one with its initial details at The Game Awards 2019:

About Ruined King: A League of Legends Story

Ruined King is going to be the elder brother of these two games, since Riot decided to bring this game to limelight first. Below is the trailer for Ruined King, and it's quite eerie with the voice of Thresh (literally a Death with a sickle and a lantern, if you're unfamiliar with the LoL):

Ruined King is a very mysterious entity in League of Legends' franchise, with his name and story mentioned slightly via an item called "Blade of the Ruined King". And realizing the potentials behind this name, Riot has brought us to two of its titular land - Bilgewater and Shadow Isle - the land of souls.

Riot Ruined King Convergence 1
No one knows the exact illustration of Ruined King except for Riot

From the words of Thresh, now we know that he is a servant of the Ruined King, and something bad has been happening to his master. Hence, Thresh has been traveling around the realms to collect souls, waiting for his time to bring the Ruined King back for revenge and make his name remembered throughout the land. His first target is going to be Bilgewater.

Riot Ruined King Convergence 2
Bilgewater will be the first place to suffer from the wraith of the Ruined King

From the early introduction of Riot Forge's representative at The Game Awards 2019, Ruined King is going to be an RPG with turn-based combats. Additionally, the developer behind this game is Airship Syndicate - the minds behind Darksider Genesis, and they said that they're preparing a brand new take on turn-based battles.

Darksiders Genesis Strife And War Uhdpaper Com 4k
The creators of Darksider Genesis is making this game

We haven't known much about this yet, so we'll have to wait for Riot Forge to tease more gameplay images, footage and release date in the future.

About Convergence: A League of Legends story

Unlike his several-hour older brother, Convergence tells the story of a specific champion that we've known about: Ekko. Ekko debuts in 2015 introducing an extraordinary in Zaun - the land of crazy minds and exotic scientific advancement.

You can see the trailer of Convergence below. It doesn't have much useful information about its gameplay, but it tells a little bit about the main character that we will take control of:

Ekko has a special device that allows him to control the time of anything he wants - including himself. In his first League of Legends debut, it only shows that Ekko can turn back time, but through this trailer, it seems that he can fast forward to the future as well. The trailer emphasizes both the voices of the young Ekko and the mature Ekko, with his words of pride: "I can change anything".

Riot Ruined King Convergence 3
Ekko is a young inhabitant of Zaun, who can turn back time

Convergence will be developed by Double Stallion Games, and will be an action-adventure RPG rotating on what Ekko encounter while protecting his homeland Zaun, and how he manipulates time to turn any situation to his advantages. Little do we know about his abilities yet, but it will not be too far from the original champion's skills in LoL.

Riot Ruined King Convergence 4
I'm very curious about his time-manipulating skills in Convergence

Release date and supported platforms

Both Ruined King and Convergence will come out at an unknown date for PC and consoles. The release dates of them were not announced yet.

Are you excited to explore the universe of League of Legends via these single-player games?