Just last month, Riot Games let us know that they are working on multiple projects including a shooter game, a fighting game, and even a card game apart from their famous title League of Legends. Now, they just announced that they are partnering with other experienced developers to form a new studio called "Riot Forge," where they only focusing on making single-player story-driven games. All the games will be set in the same universe with League of Legends, Runeterra. You can check out the announcement video of Riot Forge below to know more details.

According to Riot, it is really hard to create a meaningful story for multiplayer games such as League of Legends, so Riot Forge will be the project that changes this situation. All the games that they will make will be set in the world of Runeterra. Riot wants to bring great stories and another whole different experience to this world for players to enjoy. Runeterra is already a rich and complex world so they should have a lot of opportunities to create games with unique experiences. They also said that they want to makes games that are fun for everyone to play, even though they are not competitive gamers.

Riot Games Looking To Expand League Of Legends Uni 0f58_wm
Riot Forge will discover all the unknown possibilities that no one have found in the world of Runeterra

These games will dig into the life of each individual champion in League of Legends so players can explore and understand more about them from different perspectives. This will be a great opportunity for all League of Legends fans to dig deeper into the life of their favorite champions.

League Of Legends Game Lol Vi Girl Mechanic Fists 4e77_wm
Players will get to know more about their favorite champion

It is surprising that Riot didn't announce this cooperate sooner at its 10th anniversary and kept it secret until now. The first game by Riot Forge is expected to be announced on December 12, during the Game Awards 2019.