Last week marks the 10-year milestones of Riot Games' biggest and most successful title - League of Legends. And in order to celebrate this event, they've introduced a heap of new games to its universe. They include a mobile version of LoL - 'League of Legends: Wild Rift', brand new card game - 'League of Runettera' and a fighting game 'Project L'.

Last but not least, there will be also the one that shooters and League fans have been desperately looking forward to - codename Project A.  And since many people are thinking that this new FPS shooter is just a League of Legends-version of Overwatch, the MOBA game developer has stood up to explain that it's much deeper than that!

Before getting into how Project A will be 'deeper', let's watch this trailer first to see some early footage of this new shooter:

Project A will be more tactic-heavy

To learn more about Riot Games' new shooter codename Project A, PCGamesN has reached Riot's CEO Nicolo Laurent to ask some questions. Answering some of them, Nicolo emphasized that it will be quite different comparing to Overwatch, as it rotating more on being a 'tactical shooter'.

Riot Games Shooter Project A Overwatch 1
Project A will not focus mainly on the characters' abilities like Overwatch

The concept of packing League of Legends' champions and their skills into an FPS surely make some people think about Overwatch. However, unlike that fantasy shooter, which mainly shines for its characters' skills with jumping, dashing and other fancy stuff, League of Legends will be more tactic-heavy.

For better illustration, Project A is more to the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's side than Overwatch's side. To be more specific, it will follow the concept of having everyone having identical hitboxes and weapons. This feature will force you to rely more on your tactics and teamwork rather than your characters' skillsets.

Riot Games Shooter Project A Overwatch 3
"It has precise gunplay" - said Riot Games at Project A's reveal

Champions' skills will be different

And even though Nicolo confirmed that some League of Legends' champions will appear in this game, they will not be the same as they do in the MOBA.

Specifically, he further explained that you will not be able to use your characters' skills at any time you want. Additionally, their skills will not be the same in League as well, as you can't expect your Pantheon to drop out from the sky to the enemies' base, bringing terrors to their whole team.

Riot Games Shooter Project A Overwatch 2
The special skills in this game can only be used very limitedly.

Instead, Project A will focus more on gunplay, which is about aiming, hiding, shooting, and many more. "It's very lethal, very tactical" - said Nicolo.

That's only some information that Laurent can afford to give us at this moment. He revealed that further information, probably about Project A's official name or champions will come at sometimes in 2020.

Riot Games Shooter Project A Overwatch 4
We will receive more information on the game in 2020

Let's see what Riot Games will do with their first shooter!