Recently, a Reddit user posted a clip featuring his enemy in PUBG game incredibly survive after being crushed by two cars. Check out this amazing story here with

The Reddit user, also a PUBG player Bigbuzzwell has shown Reddit community an incredible escape from death. Bigbuzzwell was driving a Dacia car running over an enemy, but that player was surprisingly still alive. It could be a bug or glitch in PUBG because that player didn’t die even when getting crushed by Bigbuzzwell’s Dacia and someone’s UAZ.

PUBG Player Gets Sandwiched By Two Cars
PUBG Player Gets Sandwiched By Two Cars

PUBG Player Incredibly Survived In Car Crash

In the video, Bigbuzzwell was running around the Erangel map on this Dacia when spotting an enemy crouching on the ground. He was about to hit that enemy with his car. But suddenly, another PUBG player dring a UAZ hit both Bigbuzzwell’s car and the enemy on the ground. The enemy outside those cars was obviously thrown into the air and then land on the ground without being knocked or killed.

It’s really incredible because as usual, that player should be at least knocked but he didn’t. Then, the UAZ driver got out of the car and fired at that player while Bigbuzzwell took out the UAZ guy with a couple of bullets.

The Close Combat Among Three Players
Bigbuzzwell Killed The UAZ Man While He Was Firing At The Lucky Player


Bugs and glitches are annoying problems for PUBG players. But, likely, PUBG devs haven’t been able to find an ultimate solution to those problems. One cause of those problems could be due to the continuous updates of the game. As launching a new content to the game, it has to be synced with old mechanics. Therefore, bugs are unavoidable. But in short, PUBG Corp. is making great effort to bring their game back the top games of the world by launching lots of new features.

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