Before playing any kind of game, everyone once had a hard time finding the perfect name for their characters. Your nickname in games will tell a lot about your personality and help people recognize you easily, especially in online games such as PUBG Mobile. Also, most online games don't allow you to change your name too many times so you will have to think it through before making any changes. Here, we will show you how to find PUBG best names for your character.

best pubg usernames
Having a great name for your character will make the game more enjoyable for you

How do you want to name your character?

Everyone wants different things and want to express themselves in different ways. The first thing you need to consider when finding your best nickname for PUBG Mobile is determining what you are trying to show others. Are you trying to have fun in PUBG and make people laugh when they see your name? Are you trying to attract people with the same interest as you do? Are you trying to be recognizable with a unique and memorable name?

famous pubg character
You can name after your favorite characters, personalities, figures

Ask yourself these questions to understand your own purposes and then you will be able to narrow down the options to find PUBG best names for you. The best names are the names that fit you the most.

Tips to find your own PUBG best names

  • You can choose a name based on your favorite people, characters, figures,... Such names are usually already taken by other players so you will have to make some slight modifications to make it unique such as replace "A" with "4" or "O" with "0." For example, in PUBG, you can use weapon's names, location's names such as Kar98, M24, Pochinki,... and then modify them a little bit. For example, the famous player Sc0utOP of team Fnatic uses the number "0" instead of the letter "o" in his name.
  • Think of situations that often happen in PUBG that involved your name, such as when you kill a player and then choose a name that will make it sound funny.

funny annoucement with best pubg names
Choosing the right name for your character will make in-game announcements sound really funny

  • You can also add symbols to your name and make any kind of combinations you want to make its unique or just simply add it before and after your name. In order to add special symbols to your name, you can read our article: PUBG Name Symbols: How To Add Blank Space, Symbols In PUBG Mobile Username .
  • Another way to find the best PUBG names for you is to use a short phrase that you like and then remove all the space. You will have more options by using this way.
  • You can easily prank people using names that trick them saying things that they shouldn't say. For example, Sug_Madic (suck my d*ck) or Ice_Wallow_Come (I swallow c*m).
  • One last thing is that you might also just use your real name as your nickname. Using your real names is a great option for PUBG names for girls and people who like simplicity.
  • Finding the best clan names for PUBG might be a little bit different. The name of your clan should be something that is familiar to many people and must be easy to remember. You can also include a location's name in the clan's name to attract people from a particular area.

How to change your nickname in PUBG

Most of you are probably invested quite some time into PUBG and of course, you wouldn't want to start a new account just to change your name. All the PUBG best names you can find won't matter if you can't change the name of your current account.

use rename card to change name
You can change your name using a Rename Card in your inventory

Luckily, PUBG Mobile does provide a way for players to change their name. Note that you will only be able to change your name once per day. You will need an item called "Rename Card." If you can find it in your inventory, you can just tap on it and use it to change your name. It is very likely that you already had some of those as they are level-up rewards and some of them were also given to players for free when PUBG introduce this feature. But if you don't have any, you can buy one in the Store for 180 UC, which is about $5, depending on your location.

Here are some of PUBG best names

I myself have spent quite a lot of time playing many online games and I have seen lots of funny names that can be used in PUBG. Here are some of best PUBG usernames that you can use for your character in PUBG:

  • Master Bate
  • Phuc Dat Bich
  • kiss-my-axe
  • behind_you
  • take_your_pants_off
  • B4tM4n
  • XxSuperxX
  • NoN4me
  • About_30_ninjas
  • anusdestroyer

What are the best PUBG names you have seen while playing the game? Please share with us below in the comment with everyone.