PUBG Mobile has been out for almost two years, and during its time, a lot of changes have been made to its various guns, from stats to looks. Sometimes, they even completely remove a gun from the game. In this article, we will list out some of the most popular, consistent and useful weapons in PUBG.

1 – Sniper Rifle Class: Kar98k

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The common K98k is actually the best

In terms of Sniper Rifles, the Kar98k is still the most consistent weapon, more or less. While its competitors have better stats, the Kar98k has a much higher spawn rate – and because of that, most of the time you would be able to get your hand on one in a weapon spawn zone.

The gun is exceptional in long-range combat, but it is serviceable in medium-range engagements as well. While it is true that other rifles in its class have a higher body shot damage, but they actually do not really matter – it would still take about the same number of shots for all sniper rifles to get rid of an enemy. Just remember to equip a good scope to it.

2 – Assault Rifle Class: M416

M416 2
The M416 is the master of all trades

The Assault Rifle is the most popular weapon class in this game, and the M416 is probably the best option that would suit players from all skill levels.

Ease of control, decent damage, range, and accuracy – the M416 is probably the jack-of-all-trade gun in PUBG, as it can do the job of pretty much every gun. However, if you can get your hand on some decent attachments, the M4 is slightly better.

3 – Light Machine Gun Class: M249

The rare but powerful M249

The previously mentioned two weapons get into the top because of their spawn rate, which is everything the M249 is not. To get your hand on this gun, you would have to brave the Airdrops to pick it up, which is probably amongst the most dangerous activities in PUBG Mobile.

Come with the biggest magazine in PUBG Mobile, the M249 is best used in clutch combat in which you constantly assault your opponent’s position.

4 – Sub-Machine Gun Class: UMP45

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The replacement of the UMP9, UMP45

This gun is probably PUBG Mobile’s most popular secondary weapon and for a good reason. It is pretty much the best all-rounder in its class, similar to how the M416 is the best all purposes assault rifle. As medium and long-range fights in PUBG are very common, the UMP45 most likely can’t be your primary gun, however, it would definitely work wonders for gunfights inside buildings.

While most guns in the SMG class deal similar numbers, the UMP45 is more accurate in medium-range – and along with its common 9mm magazine, it has risen to the top of the class.

5 – Shotgun Class: S12K

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The most useful Shotgun, S12K

The S12K is the final weapon on the list – it is from an underrated weapon class in PUBG Mobile, the Shotgun. Due to the nature of combat in PUBG Mobile, with a lot of fights happen in medium to long-range, the Shotguns usually have no chance to shine unlike in other FPS games.

It is best to pair this gun to an Assault Rifle – with that combo, you would be able to clear out buildings and camp from them. Furthermore, it is best that you move constantly while firing this gun, as the close, you could get to your target, the more pellets you would be able to hit your enemy with.

It is best to replace this gun in the late game with something else, as armor reduces its damage greatly.

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