Tencent, Developer of PUBG Mobile has just unveiled a brand new tournament for the game, called PUBG Mobile Pro League or PMPL, as part of the pro-tier competitions of this year’s Esports system. This league would be a great stage, providing additional challenges for pro players and teams. PMPL 2020 is going to begin in various regions and countries starting from February 14.

Tencent unveiled 2020's PUBG Mobile Pro League

PMPL – PUBG Mobile Pro Leagues will feature various selected regions and countries, from SEA, Americas to South Asia. The PMPL would be divided into 2 seasons, Spring and Fall, which would culminate into the World League of PUBG Mobile (PMWL). Top teams who won in PMPLs will be selected for participating in PMWL in May and October, and if they are able to overcome all challenges, a slot in the December World Championship is not out of their reach. The World Championship would have a massive prize pool – the majority of 2020’s 5 million dollars Esports program.

It is likely that India teams would dominate the South Asia region

Below is the PMPL schedules for various regions in the world:

SEA (Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia/Singapore, Vietnam): Feb 14 to Apr 19

Chinese Taipei: Mar 12 to Apr 19

South Asia: Mar 12 to Apr 5

America: Early April to the end of the month

Five teams from India have been directly invited for the tournament

The PMPL is definitely one of the best things that Tencent and PUBG Mobile’s developers could have done to nurture the Esports scene of the game. From Feb 14 onwards, various matches from PMPL SEA would be available on streams of PUBG Mobile’s official YouTube channel.

Overall, the differences between PMPLs and PMWLs to the recent PUBG Mobile Club Open held in India recently is the part of the player base those tournaments aimed at. While PMCO ranges from amateur tier to pro tier, PMPLs and PMWLs are for pro players only. Interested in more of our articles about PUBG Mobile? Please check out this post for a complete guide of the Miramar Map.