Season 11 of PUBG Mobile has been released on the live server for quite a while. Since our last guide, there have been quite a few changes made to the game, ranging from map, assets to guns. In this updated guide, we would list out some of the best guns and strategies so that players would get a bigger chance on the battlefield.

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Usually, you would not have too many choices for guns when looting places, as they are in general randomly spawned. However, after you take down an enemy player, it is best to follow this guide to swap your gun to a better one.

While there are a lot of gun types in PUBG, due to the nature of the big map and your ability to carry 2x primary weapons, shotguns and pistols are next to useless. In our article below, we would list out some of the best guns in three available categories: Assault Rifles, DMR/Sniper Rifles, and lastly, LMG/SMG.

Assault Rifles

Assault Rifles are the best weapon class in the game for a good reason. Firstly, they are versatile and best at middle range combat, which is literally 80% of encounters in PUBG. Their general damage, accuracy and bullet speed are also decent/high, which also makes them great weapons in long-range sniping.

4 – M416

M416 2

Versatile gun with great fire rate and bullet speed. Can be used for most situation.

The M416 exchanges the damage per bullet of the M762 for less recoil and a higher rate of fire. This is the best gun for a beginner to use, especially if they are not used to deal with recoil. Accuracy is very important in PUBG, due to the nature of it being a mobile game. You can’t perform as well on mobile as on mouse & keyboard.

3 – Beryl M762

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Arguably the best non-airdrop rifle, the Beryl is deadly in close and medium-range combat. Its higher damage per bullet would give you an edge in a close duel against an opponent holding the M416 for example. Its recoil weakness can be improved via attachments – after you have fully modded the weapon out, the M416 would not be able to outperform this gun, as bullet damage cannot be improved.

2 – AUG A3


Being an airdrop exclusive gun, the AUG A3 has the highest bullet speed in the game. This particular ability enables it to deal with both close and medium-range combat pretty well, as your bullets would reach the enemy first. At long range, the single tap fire of the AUG is extremely accurate.

1 – Groza

Playerunknowns Battlegrounds How To Get The Groza

The strongest assault rifle in the game – Groza doesn’t have the pinpoint accuracy of the M416 or the bullet speed of the AUG, but it makes up for that with damage and fire rate. If you are able to deal with its recoil, almost no other gun could dish out as much damage as the Groza in the medium-range.

Sniper Rifles/DMRs

This class of weapons mainly focuses on long-range combat, as they have a low rate of fire with high damage and range. The recoil of these weapons is very high, but that usually does not matter in the case of Sniper Rifles, as they are single-shot weapons. DMRs, however, you would need to fix that with some kind of attachments. Scopes are very important when using these weapons – you would need a top tier scope to get the most out of them.

4 – MK14 EBR

Pubg Mk14 Ebr 1

A DMR with the full auto fire mode – this is the best DMRs in the game, as the bad recoil could be overcome with just fire rate and damage alone. As the MK14 has absurd damage, you only need to hit a few bullets to score a kill – the recoil is manageable in a short burst.

3 – Kar98


The most common Sniper Rifle in the game, with the ability to kill a full HP target in 2 or 3 hits. As this is the only common spawn Sniper Rifle, most of the time you would be using this gun anyway. Out of the two weaknesses of this gun, only its reload time could be fixed, as you could either use bullet loops or just switch into another gun. The smaller magazine, however, is the annoying part. It is best that you do not waste time reloading and just pull out a new weapon to shoot.

2 – M24


The M24 is an improvement stat-wise to the Kar98 in every aspect. However, due to the low spawn rate, it often can only be found in loot crates. Overall, there is not much to say about this weapon, while it is stronger than the previous gun in the list, it still has the same weakness.

1 - AWM

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Come equipped with the highest single-shot damage in the game, the AWM has no equal. It can penetrate a level 3 helmet in 1 shot and a level 3 vest in 2 – overall, its extreme damage made up for every other common weakness of the gun. Its ammo is rare, however – if you run out of ammo, it is best to just drop the gun.


LMGs are rare weapons – just getting your hand on one of them is already great, as your chances against multiple opponents would improve significantly.


Between the two available LMGs, the DP-28 and the M249, the latter one is slightly better. Being an exclusive airdrop weapon, the M249 has the biggest magazine in the game to fuel its decent damage and high rate of fire

About Submachine guns, they are fairly competent in close range combat due to their stability. Beginners often use them – however, it is best that you get an assault rifle as fast as possible, as submachine guns are useless at long range.

3 – Uzi

Pubg Weapon Micro Uzi 1 1

This gun has the highest fire rate in the game, and as long as your initial aim is on target, you would be able to take your enemy down in no time at all. Against more than one enemy, however, you might run out of ammo in the middle of combat, and that is a deadly weakness of the Uzi.

2 – UMP 45


This gun is the closest an SMG could get to a real Assault Rifle, as its stats are decent along with the inclusion of three firing modes. The extra bullet damage is just the cherry on top. When using this gun, it is best that you make use of the various firing modes instead of just going full auto.

1 – PP-19 Bizon

Update Pubg 231

The newest SMG in the roster is actually the best one. The Bizon came with the biggest magazine SMG-wise and low recoil. Overall, it just overcomes most other guns with its sheer stats alone. Interested in more of our articles related to PUBG Mobile? Please check out this post for a complete guide of Sanhok.