PUBG Mobile has grown into a massive gaming phenomenon, with an estimated 50 million players logging in daily. The game single-handedly launched the Battle Royale genre on mobile into prominence. While so many people know of and play both PUBG Mobile and the regular PUBG, there are some cool things about the franchise most people still don't know.

Therefore, we have decided to fill in the gap and tell you 10 cool things about your favorite game you may have missed


brendan greene
Brendan Greene is the PlayerUnknown

Just who and what is PlayerUnknown? It is actually the online handle of PUBG's designer and creator, Brendan Greene. The name was from the time when he was making mods for the game ARMA 2 and 3 back in 2013, where he would name his character PlayerUnknown. Eventually, he went on to work for Bluehole in South Korea and the rest is history.

Winner winner Chicken dinner

winner winner chicken dinner
This is what the battle to the death is all about. That chicken better taste good

Every player's goal is to see this on their screen at the end of the game, but why chicken dinner? Most likely, the phrase came from Las Vegas back in the 1970s. The standard bet then was only $2 USD, which was enough to buy a full chicken dinner.

Some thought the phrase actually came from the 1930s Great Depression economic crisis when people were desperate to gamble just to win some chicken dinner. It became popular through the 2008 movie "21". Basically, it's just a way to say "I'm the winner" that rhymes.

Locations in PUBG

pubg real life locations
Many of PUBG locations take inspirations from real-life places, many of them Russian

Many of the locations and landmarks in the game are amazingly detailed and probably look oddly familiar to some of you. This is because they are inspired by or directly taken from actual real-life places. The map Erangel took inspirations from the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, where the Chernobyl disaster happened in Ukraine.

The underground bunkers with lots of supplies came from real-life nuclear weapon stockpiles in Feodosia. The temple (Ruins) that is on the east side of Sanhok looks very similar to a series of old temples in Dagestan, Russia. The name of the city Yasnaya Polyana from Erangel is the name of the house where the great Russian writer, Leo Tolstoy, lived.

The red bandana

pubg red bandana
Virtual economies in video games have never made much sense...

This item came with pre-orders when the game first came out and could be found in loot boxes. And now, it is one of the rarest items in the game when boxes stopped spawning them. Some players were paying anything from $200 USD (INR 14000) up to $1000 USD (INR 70000) just for one red bandana.

Why do people do things like this? Either some gamers have a lot of time and money to waste or they just really really like PUBG.

Most players at the same time

pubg chart
Chart showing number of concurrent players in PUBG over time

PUBG holds the record on Steam for having the most concurrent players on the platform. It broke its own record multiple times in a row until reaching a peak of about 3,236 million players playing at the same time in January 2018. What's even crazier is the PUBG record has about 3 times more concurrent players than the previous Dota 2 record.

100-year ban

pubg 100 year ban
Phew! At least they are only getting "temporarily" suspended.

Since PUBG players constantly run into cheaters who use aimbots or other software, PUBG Corp has had to work hard to clamp down on unethical ways to play the game. Usually, when a cheater is reported multiple times, they get banned for a few days.

But some players have reported being "temporarily suspended" until the 22nd century due to suspected complaints. Mobile cheaters get a more lenient sentence from Tencent, handing out "only" a 10-year ban.


pubg headshot
A headshot is worth 2.5 not-headshots

Being low on ammo is not necessarily a bad thing if you can go for headshots. A headshot does 2.5x more damage, which combined with a high-powered rifle easily gets you kills. To best score a headshot, you should use a long-range rifle to minimize bullet drop and stick to semi-auto instead of burst or full-auto.

Water gives life

pubg underwater
Being underwater is good for bullet immunity, and a random party?

Every map has a body of water whether a sea or a river where you can be immune from bullets. When you are underwater, you are completely impervious to bullets. You can heal yourself and make as much noise as you want when underwater and not worry about getting shot.

Of course, the catch here is that you have about 15 to 20 seconds before you need to resurface. The set of lungs at the bottom tells you how much time you have to stay underwater. However, it is not advisable to make water your safe place if an enemy has spotted you since they have all the time in the world to wait for you to come back up.

The Dacia

pubg dacia
A neat skin for a neat vehicle

Probably the most useful vehicle in the game, thanks to its speed and protection. If you have a team of four, it's perfect for getting your team in and out of situations in a flash. The durability of the Dacia is also great for taking cover.


pubg footsteps headphones
Play PUBG too much and you might just hear footsteps creeping up on you in real life

You hear footsteps often in PUBG, which is a feature that is immensely helpful for locating potential threats. Listening to the footsteps could help you determine how close and where the enemy is relative to your position. The footsteps become louder when the enemy is getting close and fade when they leave.

PUBG has 7.1 Surround sound support which, if you had a pair of 7.1 headphones, could pick out almost exactly where the enemy is. So invest in a high-quality pair of headphones and you can gain an advantage over other players.

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