Eight PUBG Mobile Tips To Make More Kills And Get More Chicken PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile is one of the hottest game titles in the Battle Royale sort now. Millions of players are playing PUBG Mobile every day. PUBG Mobile is a fierce battle for survival where you need to fight, kill enemies, and try to stay alive in combat. And only the last survivor on the battlefield gets a Chicken Dinner. Here’re eight PUBG Mobile tips and tricks for players to kill more enemies and get more Chicken Dinner.

Practice Shooting in War Mode

To become a chicken eater in PUBG Mobile, you should be a sharpshooter. And players can practice and improve their shooting skills in War Mode. This is the first and most effective PUBG Mobile tips. It’s a special Arcade game mode in which players join fierce combats in a very small area after landing. You have to make as many kills as they can in the set time. Once you are killed, you will get in the plane and parachute again to join the battle. This process repeats until the time is up and you get more chances to shoot. Therefore, War mode is a good way to practice and better your shooting skills.

Pubg Mobile War Mode 54c6_wm
PUBG Mobile War Mode

Try to Headshot

One headshot can knock down an enemy with a 100 damage score. Try to aim at the enemies’ heads and knock them down with a decent sniper rifle. Then, it’s easier for you to confirm a kill with an AR or SMG. Or else, shoot at enemies’ heads for faster kills in melee fights.

Take to Higher Places

You can get a better view from high grounds such as hills, mountains, or roofs. It would be much better if you have a sniper rifle with extended scope. You can aim and shoot at the enemies on the lower land, and even kill them. Moreover, players on higher land get more chance of headshot than the ones on the lower ground. There are lots of canyons and high blocks for you to lay in ambush and eliminate opponents on Miramar. On Sanhok and Erangle, try to occupy a hill, mountain, or cliff. On Vikendi, you can take to Mount Kreznic and wait for your Chicken Dinner.

Shoot From Higher Ground 9341_wm
Shoot From Higher Ground

Turn On the Quick Scope Switch Feature

The Quick Scope Switch option allows you to switch scopes without going to the bags. To turn on this option, go to scope setting in the setting menu. Then, enable Quick Scope Switch. This is a useful tool and one of the most effective PUBG Mobile tips.

Attach Scopes to Your Guns

The scope is one of the most important attachments in PUBG Mobile. It gives players a better view of the territories and more precise gun targets from distances. Pick up large accessories for your guns to extend the distances of the guns and knockdown enemies from distances. You should attach a large scope (4x, 6x, or 8x) for a sniper rifle, and a small scope (2x or 3x) for your AR or SMG.

8x Scope In Pubg Mobile 7a89_wm
8x Scope in PUBG Mobile

Don’t Forget To Close the Doors

You can turn the houses or buildings into traps to eliminate your enemies. Players tend to be stay alert when entering a house if the doors are opened. Hence, when you close the door when breaking into a house, others may be less careful. You can lay on the ambush in a corner and wait for someone entering your occupied house. It’s time for you to kill those chickens and enjoy your Chicken Dinner.

Pick Up the AWM from Airdrops

The AWM is the strongest sniper rifle in PUBG Mobile with the highest damage point and longest damage range. Therefore, it’s the most favorite weapon of snipers. With only a couple of precise bullets at enemies’ bodies, you can kill them. AWM is only available in airdrops.

Awm The Best Sniper Rifle C89f_wm
AWM - The Best Sniper Rifle

Throw Grenades into Buildings

When your enemies are hiding in a building or house, it’s pretty risky and unwise to break in and attack them. It’s because the enemies can hide in a mystery corner and wait to shoot you into ash. One of the best PUBG Mobile tips, in this case, is using grenades to weaken or even kill your enemies. You can toss a couple of grenades into the building and wait. Get ready to shoot when the enemies jump out.

These are eight PUBG Mobile tips to get more Chicken Dinner. With a wise plan, appropriate weapons and equipment, you can eliminate all the enemies on your way to the final circle. Pocket and practice these tips, you will master PUBG Mobile and have delicious Chicken Dinner.