In the latest Update 0.15.0, Tencent and PUBG Mobile released a new Payload Mode with loads of new things. Along with new gameplay, heavy weapons, and vehicles, Payload Mode is more exciting due to Super Weapon Crate. Check out excellent supplies you can loot in Super Weapon Crate.

PUBG Mobile Payload Mode
New Things in PUBG Mobile Payload Mode

About Super Weapon Crate

In PUBG Mobile Payload mode, you can find many heavy weapons such as RPG-7, M3E1-A, and M79 in many places if you’re lucky. These missile and grenade launchers can cause great damage to your enemies by explosions. Therefore, many players prefer using them to clear opponent teams. If you are not lucky enough to find them in houses, get them from Super Weapon Crates on the map.

Once these crates appear on the map, players in Payload Mode will see a notification. Check the locations of the crates on the mini-map. Rush to the nearest crate and lay in ambush around the area. The crate will open after around three minutes since the notification. When the crate opens, you can get lots of superweapons and supplies in it.

Pubg Mobile's Guide On Super Weapon Crate
Pubg Mobile's Guide On Super Weapon Crate

Benefits of Super Weapon Crate

Super Weapon Crates, like its name, has a lot of superweapons, such as M3E1-A missile launcher, MGL, RPG-7, and M134. These are new weapons for this game mode only. And with a missile launcher in your hand, you can clear squad with a super explosion, destroy any vehicles, and get a delicious chicken dinner.

Besides, you can get an AWM and x8 scope. It’s a great favor for fans of this sniper rifle. If you are an excellent sniper, this gun helps you kill enemies while staying away from explosions. Moreover, you will get many other supplies, such as med-kits, a set of helmet, armor, and backpack level 3. It may help players stay alive from snipers and heal 100% right away.

Super Weapon, Chicken Dinner
Super Weapon, Chicken Dinner

However, because these crates are so attractive with various excellent supplies and weapons, it’s risky to loot. Everyone on the battleground knows the crate locations, so stay alert with enemies around. Get the gear wisely and you can enjoy your chicken dinner.