Weeks ago when rumors about the inclusion of the Payload Mode in PUBG Mobile broke out, a lot of people did not think much of it. To them, the idea of bringing helicopter and heavy weapons into this game has deviated it too far from the original authentic PUBG experience.  Some people even believe that the mode would break the game and be removed after just a short period, just like the zombie mode. However, there is more to payload mode that meets the eye.

Bring down the skies with heat-seeking missiles

The reason behind that is the core game of the Payload Mode: It is fun. Based on access to the beta version of PUBG Mobile and the Payload Mode incorporated into it, this article would let you know everything about the mode within the forest of Erangel. Keep in mind that this is still the beta version of the game – everything could be subjected to changes and balance updates in the future

How to play Payload mode?

This mode lies under the new EvoGround section – it would allow players to fight against each other in a deviation of PUBG’s last man standing concept. The main spotlight features that this mode has are the helicopters and anti-air weapons that the developers have thrown into the mix. After numerous testing rounds, it looks like the developers of PUBG Mobile have achieved what they aimed for at the beginning: An interesting gameplay.

The helicopter is rather easy to control

What is new in this game mode?

The biggest thing the Payload mode brought up is probably the helicopter. The new helicopters would be spawned around the map on access points. While riding in one, the player can pretty much bypass any kind of terrains and move across the map with impunity. It is no slouch at being an offensive weapon either. If you are skilled at flying, the helicopter could be a great weapon in your arsenal that can wipe out any of your enemies.

However, if you or your squad are unlucky and get the helicopter stolen, don’t lose heart. Your next objective is to gather heavy anti-air weapons. Quite a few weapon types are introduced with this mode, such as the Grenade Launchers, Missile Launchers, and their ammunition.

The grenade launcher is a great anti-infantry weapon, given that you have enough ammo

You can either acquire those normally from spawn or killing enemies – however, the main way of getting your hand on a set of Heavy Weapon is opening the Super Weapon Box. They are a new type of box exclusively to this mode and would spawn on a few specific spots on the map.

This game mode also takes unique gameplay elements from Call of Duty Mobile – the revival of dead players. Dead players are given a final chance, as their teammates can find and carry their tags to the nearest resurrect tower to summon them back into the map. This feature makes playing with a friend or a squad in the mode is the best way to enjoy it.

Payload mode brings huge explosions to Mobile devices

You can switch into third-person perspective while flying

The following gameplay is from the beta test version of the game. The released version of the Payload Mode would be much more polished. In the beginning, the game starts similar to any Classic mode match, however, the total amount of players on a map is only 60 instead of 100.

Everyone would start in Erangel, jumping down without any weapons. After jumping down and gather your first set of gears, it is time to sprint to the nearest helicopter zone. This mode gives equal chances to both parties. If your team or you get to the chopper first, the enemies would have the means to blow you out of the sky, as the Anti Air weapons are scattered around. You and your team would be given the same opportunity if the situation is reversed.

The other heavy weapon of this map, the Rocket Launcher

The heavy weapons are quite tricky to use, however, after a while, you would probably be able to get the hang of using them. Amongst the weapons in the anti-air arsenal, the heat-seeking rocket launcher is probably the best, as they actively chase your enemies around (you only have to aim the gun at the general direction). While the gun locks in on the enemy helicopter, you can swerve and speed ahead to dodge the rocket.

Get inside the chopper

About the helicopter, PUBG Mobile has done a great job to simplify its controls. It is very easy to fly like any other chopper from other video games. You get two buttons for ascending and descending, along with two arrow keys to navigate the vehicle around the map. The chopper is rather realistic, as it glides up pretty smoothly and swerves in directions naturally, just similar to a real helicopter. However, you can’t go too high with it, as any higher would give the enemies under literally no chance to fight you in a battle. The player who’s controlling the vehicle would not be able to shoot – if you go alone, you would have to land and get out of the helicopter to be able to do anything.

The communication towers are spread evenly across the map – so any player would have a fair chance to get to one. Because of that, it is best to eliminate the whole team to minimize the chance that one of them would be able to bring the whole squad back.

Overall impression of PUBG Mobile’s payload mode

Pubg Mobile 0 15 0
The 0.15.0 update is among the best ever released by PUBG Mobile's developers

After a long time, since the introduction of zombie mode January this year, PUBG Mobile finally brings something fresh to the table. The mode can bring out some amazing combat spectacles, and for players who love flashy action, this would be the best.

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