With Call Of Duty Mobile’s recent launch for both iOS and Android devices, there have been a lot of comparisons drawn between it and all currently popular mobile games of the same genre, such as PUBG Mobile and Fortnite Mobile. Currently, the mobile game shooter market is dominated by the aforementioned two games. From this, a common question that people would have is: How does the mobile version of Call of Duty hold up compared to the established games in the franchise.

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The three best games currently in the Mobile Shooter market

Call of Duty has been gaining players steadily in the two weeks after its official launch. According to reviews from many trustworthy sources, Call of Duty Mobile has been a great game so far – a faithful port of the best qualities a normal Call of Duty entry has to offer. However, the game is not without issues. In this article, we would make a comparison of the top three shooters – in all aspects, and a winner would be picked for each one.


Each of these games is extremely polished in terms of playability, for PUBG Mobile and Fortnite has been running through multiple patches over the years, as Call of Duty Mobile is a more polished multiplayer version of another Call of Duty Mobile game, Legends of War. There are various differences in how the base gameplay was ported, however. Fortnite brought its whole core game into the mobile version, scaled-down. That is actually its weakness – Fortnite Mobile’s controls are rather clunky and the game could really use compression in-game mechanics. PUBG Mobile is the most complicated game of the three. It is actually a surprise that the mobile port of PUBG has done pretty well in translating the core battle royal mechanics into the mobile version and simplified it enough for phone users.

Pubg Mobile 4k 7d
PUBG's core gameplay is too complicated to port

While PUBG Mobile’s port is pretty decent, Call of Duty Mobile’s port is even better. The game manages to bring the whole Call of Duty experience optimized for mobile to users – with multiple modes to boot. It has a wider focus comparing to PUBG Mobile and Fortnite, as its main game mode is not Battle Royale, just a traditional shooter. Not many people have the time to sit for an hour to play a Battle Royale anyway – Team Deathmatch is just better in quick game sessions.

Result: Call of Duty Mobile wins


In this regard, Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale and PUBG Mobile have the same issue. In the early levels, both games are full of bots, which translates to a slower start. It would be quite a while until your first encounter with a real human. With an easy early start, artificial confidence would be instilled inside new players and they would stick with the game for longer than usual. There are no notifications that a bot match is currently loaded for the players inside the match.

There are less bot in normal modes of Call of Duty Mobile

Fortnite, due to its cross-platform structure, does not have bots. The structure also creates a combined player base between all versions of the game, which ensures that the player count would always stay stable. There are enough players at all skill levels in Fortnite, even at the early levels. However, bots are going to be added to Fortnite soon, due to the previously mentioned benefits.

However, the Battle Royale mode is not everything in Call of Duty Mobile, as 75% of the game is normal shooter modes. With a lower player count for each match, bots are not needed and every player at any skill level would be able to have a good time.

Result: A draw between Fortnite and Call of Duty Mobile


A good progression system is very important in mobile games

A good progression system is very important in video games, as players need to feel rewarded for their time playing. Both PUBG and Fortnite on Mobile have the Battle Pass system, with challenges and quests to unlock new cosmetics and skins. However, we already have a clear winner in this category.

The progression system in Call of Duty Mobile is so much better than its fellow competitors that they can’t even be compared. This has always been a strength of the Call of Duty games, and the Mobile port is not an exception. The whole chart has been brought to the Mobile version, with perks, classes, weapon leveling, killstreaks…and more. The game would also use the Season Passes system for even more challenges. In this category, Call of Duty Mobile is by far the best.

Result: Call of Duty Mobile wins by a landslide


Call Of Duty Mobile 1 1200x700 1024x597
Crossplay is going to be made available between Android and iOS in Call of Duty Mobile soon

As previously mentioned, Fortnite’s strength is the ability to play with friends across any version of the game: console, mobile or PC. All versions of the game are compatible with one another. PUBG Mobile offers an incomplete version of the crossplay function, as the Mobile port of the game is just too different from the PC version. In PUBG Mobile, Android and iOS phones can play together. Call of Duty Mobile is currently the weakest in this aspect, as Android and iOS crossplay is not possible at the moment.

Result: Fortnite is the winner


Call Of Duty Mobile Controller Support A
Controller support is not an essential part of a mobile shooter game, but having it is still better

Controller support is not an essential part of a mobile game, however, having that function to support a shooter wouldn’t be too bad. Call of Duty: Mobile is going to have it sooner or later after a test version of the function was dropped shortly before launch. This function was added into the mobile version of Fortnite some time ago, with the ability to connect all Bluetooth controllers to play the game. As Fortnite is a crossplay game – there would be no advantage for controllers users as they are competing against better opponents.

Result: Fortnite is the winner


Fortnite is still the best game overall


While Call of Duty Mobile and PUBG Mobile have their strong points, Fortnite still gives them a run for their money. The advantage that Fortnite has over its competitors is that Fortnite Mobile is just the normal Fortnite on phones, whereas PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile are separated games. It is the most popular game in the world for a reason.

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