In the recent PUBG Mobile Payload Mode released on the 16th this October, players can play as a pilot for the first time. In this 0.15.0 update version, Tencent and PUBG Corp. brought helicopters to this amazing game mode.

Along with new gameplay, heavy weapons, and a super-large Erangel map, this new vehicle has a lot of amusements and enjoyable in-game experience. However, it’s pretty hard for new players of this game mode to find a helicopter in such a large map of Erangel.

Here are top secret locations where you can find a helicopter on this massive Erangel Island.

Locations Of Helicopter In Payload Mode
Locations Of Helicopter In Payload Mode

1. Sosnovka Military Base

Helicopters in PUBG Mobile Payload Mode are landed on heliports all over the island which you can see from the parachute when getting close to the ground. You will find three helicopters in this large Sosnovka Military Base. However, you must watch out fierce combat after landing because the military base is always a hot spot on Erangel Island.

2. PUBG Mobile Payload's Primorsk

Primorsk is located at the South of the island of PUBG Mobile Payload. You can also find a helicopter in this residential area as well as other good supplies.

3. Mylta Power

There is another helicopter in Mylta Power. When landing on the ground, you can run around for loot and rush to the center of this Power Plant, get in the helicopter and fly to the playing zone.

Helicopter In Mylta Power
Helicopter In Mylta Power

4. Prison Complex

The prison complex is another place to get a helicopter on this map. Besides, you can loot many good things in warehouses and buildings in prisons. The helicopter is landed in the center of this complex.

5. PUBG Mobile Payload's School

Fly to the northwest and head to school, you see another heliport on the top of the school building. However, if you are not ready for combats, do not land on this high-risk place. School is an excellent place for loot but it’s also full of enemies.

6. Hospital

The next helicopter spawn location on PUBG Mobile Payload's Erangel Island is the hospital. It’s located nearby the west coastline of the island. The heliport is placed right in the front gate of this complex.

Heliport In Hospital
Heliport In Hospital

7. PUBG Mobile Payload's Novo

There is also a helicopter in Novorenoye. This place is quite close to the Military base but it’s less dangerous. And you can find the helipad hiding after containers, in front of four warehouses located nearby the sea.

8. Severny

Severny is an abundant residential area in the North of PUBG Mobile Payload's Erangel. There are two helicopters in this area for players to rush into the safe zone. It’s because the playing zone rarely shrinks in this area.

9. Georgopol

Georgopol is a high-risk location on Erangel Island with lots of containers and excellent supplies for looting. It’s also the hot spot of fierce combats where only teams of best players can leave alive with a helicopter.

Georgopol Heliport
Georgopol Heliport

10. Yasnaya Polyana

Finally, you can find a helicopter in the abundant residential area of Yasnaya Polyana. It lands among buildings in this large area. Therefore, you need to find carefully or you can miss it when the electric zone forces you to hurry.

These are the top ten secret helicopter locations on Erangel Map in PUBG Mobile Payload Mode. In addition to these places, sometimes you can find a partially-damaged helicopter or a totally new one someone leaves for running on foot. Prepare some vehicle repairing kits and cans of gas in your bag, and you can have a new helicopter to fly.