The impressive Envoy of Death set is now easy to get when opening the Premium Crates. This unique set is launched at the celebration of the Halloween Festival. Now, PUBG Mobile players can check out the Premium Crates and receive this item.

PUBG Mobile’s Tweet

On celebrating Halloween Festival, PUBG Mobile has released a series of gameplays, events, and items. And recently, PUBG Mobile tweeted a message on their timeline, announcing about the Envoy of Death Set. With couples of Premium Crates Coupons and luck, you can get yours.

Pubg Mobiles Tweet About Envoy Of Death Set
Pubg Mobiles Tweet About Envoy Of Death Set

This event of opening Premium Crates for Envoy of Death Set received various reactions from netizens. Many fans showed their excitement and enjoyment of this event. Whereas, some of them offered PUBG Mobile to remove the useless graffiti items in the Premium Crates. Many PUBG Mobile players expressed their disappointment and anger when wasting a couple of coupons on stupid graffiti.

Nitizens' Reactions On Graffiti Reward
Netizens' Reactions To Graffiti Reward

PUBG Mobile’s Halloweeks Event

The Envoy of Death Set is released on the Halloweeks event. Players can enjoy the festival atmosphere of Halloween with spooky but fancy outfits, Halloween themes, and many new features. During the Halloweeks event, players on the waiting island will throw candies instead of apples like before. Besides, you can receive some cute graffiti and spray it on any walls, trees, or stones. It would be fun but it has also driven many players crazy.

Envoy of Death Set is an impressive and cool outfit. It’s inspired by the heavy-metal album of the Sarcofagus music band. You can get your set by opening the Premium Crates. However, if you are not lucky enough, equip your character with another outfit.

Pubg Mobile Halloween Theme
Pubg Mobile Halloween Theme

In along with Halloweeks event, the recent Update 0.15.0 and new Payload Mode this October bring players lots of excitement. The new Payload Mode lets players use the unprecedented vehicle of the helicopter and heavy weapons like grenade launchers and rocket launchers. Moreover, the BRDM-2 amphibious tank is also launched in this latest update version.

In related updates of PUBG Mobile, their advanced hack detector would remove all cheaters and make the game fairer. There is no Chicken Dinner for cheaters anymore.