PUBG Mobile, since its launch in 2018, has maintained a zero-tolerance rule against hackers and cheaters in order to create a healthy and fair gaming environment. However, their efforts have been in vain, due to the nature of PUBG Mobile being a free game – cheaters can just create another account and ruin even more games. The best thing the developers could do, however, is a fast detection system. According to a report from the team, PUBG Mobile is going to get a brand new anti-cheat system, made from superior real-time detection algorithm. Below is a sample video in which a hacker get 40 kills in a match using various cheats.

The new system would be PUBG Mobile’s first defense line against suspected cheaters. The main function of the algorithm is the ability to scan for modified game data and suspicious software. As the cheaters updated their hacking methods, the anti-cheat system would also update itself by using a massive cross-reference library that is constantly updated.

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This is how to report people in PUBG Mobile

Besides the previously mentioned automatic system, PUBG Mobile’s developers are also going to employ real-time observation teams to check suspected matches as they progress. This is a surefire way of detecting and dealing with cheaters, as the team can access and differentiate between hacking behaviors and normal game activities. According to Vincent Wang, the number of employees that they are paying to do this job is more than a couple hundred.

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The bans that they handed out last for ten years

The bans are also going to be in real-time as well. You no longer have to wait for ban waves, as the combination of observation, detection algorithm and player reports is extremely effective. With the cheating accounts getting banned earlier, they will pose less threat to the integrity of the game, which in turn would maintain and create a positive PUBG experience.

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