PUBG Mobile Star Challenge (PMSC) World Cup 2019 is arriving in the middle of this December in Saudi Arabia. The host of the PMSC tournament announced that 32 best teams from around the world would compete for a $267,000 championship.

This tournament is a part of the Riyadh Season event lasting for two months in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It’s also the biggest global gaming tournament in this region. According to the host country, PMSC matches are taking place from 4 p.m. to 11.30 p.m. at the Riyadh Front.

Pubg Mobile Star Challenge Poster
Pubg Mobile Star Challenge Poster

In 32 selected teams, there are 16 PUBG Mobile teams from North Africa and Middle East regions. The other 16 teams come from different areas all over the world. These top teams will compete in three days, from December 12th to 14th. Only one champion will get a total cash prize of over SR1 million (around $267,000).

The host country has not made any announcement about the format of the tournament and the competitors yet. Organizers haven’t made any announcement about the qualifying conditions for the championship. Probably, these 32 teams will receive direct letters of invitation to the event in Riyadh.

PUBG Mobile Star Challenge Championship

PMSC World Cup 2019 is the largest international gaming event in the Middle East region this year. This is an international tournament for famous PUBG Mobile players, streamers, or YouTubers around the world. Therefore, it attracts great attention from the international PUBG Mobile community.

Rrq Athena Win Pubg Mobile Star Challenge 2018
RRQ Athena Win PMSC 2018

This is the third time PMSC has been held since Tencent and PUBG Corp. released PUBG Mobile. The first PMSC Finals taking place in Dubai, United Arab Emirates was the first global tournament of this mobile game. The first champion of PMSC is RRQ Athena from Thailand. Last month, the previous event of the PMSC 2019 Grand Final took place in Taipei.