2019 is a wonderful year for esports. And Esports Awards 2019 was held to celebrate all the achievements of individuals, organizations, and games have made throughout the year.

PUBG Mobile is one of the Esports Breakthrough Game of the Year

This year, the Community group of Esports Awards 2019 has a total of 7 categories: Content Creator of The Year, Esport Breakthrough Game of The Year, Esport Cosplayer of The Year, Esport Personality of The Year, Esport Photographer of The Year, Esports Videographer of The Year, Streamer of The Year.

There is a total of 7 categories

PUBG Mobile was among the finalist of the Esport Breakthrough Game of The Year category. The finalists in this category were chosen based on 2 qualities: Sales development, Product quality, which PUBG Mobile has constantly improved throughout this year. Last month, PUBG Mobile reached a big milestone of $1 billion in revenue and in August, PUBG Mobile hit 400 million installs and 50 million monthly users. Huge locally and international tournaments were held all around the years such as PUBG Mobile Club Open, PUBG Mobile Star Challenge or PUBG Mobile India Tour,... The game is updated frequently with the latest one brings players helicopters, grenade launchers, and other interesting features. There is no doubt that PUBG Mobile and its esports scene is growing bigger and bigger.

PUBG Mobile adds helicopter and heavy weapons into the game

Along with PUBG Mobile in the list are famous PC titles such as Apex Legends, NBA 2K19, FIFA 19, Magic: The Gathering Arena, Runescape,... The final results will be determined by the total vote made by the community. You are interested, you can go to the event website of Esports Awards 2019 and vote for your favorite one.

The results for all categories will be announced at Esports Stadium Arlington in England on Saturday the 16th of November.