PUBG Mobile would get another update on Sept. 13, with a new game mode called “Payload”. The update is also bundled with the Royale Pass for Season 9, which means there will be a lot of new challenges, clothes, and skins. The dev at Bluehole might have decided to combine all the updates, as the 0.14.5 patch was skipped.

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Fight the helicopter with a big gun of your own

The new Game Mode called Payload would bring big weapons and vehicles into the game, such as the RPGs and Helicopters. The official twitter page of PUBG has confirmed this information. Based on information available on posters and the Chinese client, the new RPG might be similar to the previously RPG-7 launcher in Darkest Zombie Mode. It would be one of the few weapons that could make short work of an attack helicopter.

Screenshot 104
Flying vehicles are a great addition to PUBG Mobile

Another thing to mention about this gun is that it has a pre-installed 6x Scope – with a lot of similarities to the VSS gun. As RPGs traditionally are equipped with the enemy locking ability, it is very likely that RPGs in PUBG would be similar. However, as the Chinese version is often subject to balance changes, you can expect the global version of the gun to be different.

It might be a surprise to some, but Royal Pass season 8 has already ended, with season 9’s release date confirmed to be tomorrow, 13th of September. A lot of new content is going to be added, including new bag skins, hat skins, and a Kar98 skin for the sniper.

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The RPG-7 in PUBG

The game would probably be taken down for control during Sept. 13 for content updates. Interested in some of our PUBG Mobile contents? Check out this extensive guide for Sanhok map in PUBG Mobile.