PUBG Mobile is one of the most competitive games out there, with you fighting against the other ninety-nine players to be the last man standing. Our guide below will list out some of the strategies needed to increase your chance of survival in ranked matches.

Below are the peculiarities of the ranking system in PUBG

Getting a positive K/D score is another factor in calculating ranked gains

Each and every player starts with 1500 rating points, which would increase or decrease after a game, based on the player’s performance. The longer they survive on the map, the better their chances for a positive point gain. Kill/Death score does matter, but not as much as survival time. The best strategy in PUBG is to start slow and play it safe.

However, there are ways to be safe and still earn a more than average K/D ratio. On our guide below, we would include some of the best locations for landing – and strategies relevant to it, to provide you with the best chance to win a ranked PUBG match.


Maxresdefault 1
The Prison in Erangel 2.0

Accessible from every flight patch possible and contains enough loot for a whole squad, landing first on Prison is very strategically important. In addition to the loot, it is very likely to encounter one or two more squads here, therefore, setting up an ambush here is a great way to improve your K/D ratio. After taking over the area, you can either camp there or moving towards the Shelter Area nearby for more equipment.

Ferry Pier

Ferry pier - one of the less popular location

The Pier is often avoided by most players, as the loot quality of that location is rather low. However, landing on the pier would dramatically increase your chances for a chicken dinner. Once your squad has gathered enough loot, you can set up an ambush at the nearby bridges that link the military base with this area. As the military base is a hot zone, setting up a bridge camp would definitely net you the gears from players moving away from the spot.

It is a location avoided by most players, and the quality of loot is also pretty low. However, this is one location that can increase the probability of a win.


Severny, a decent-sized town.

These locations are on the edge of the map – it would require a favorable flight path for your team to get there. Another thing to be mentioned is that the locations are hot zones – prepare for immediate action.

1200px Erangel Primorsk
Primorsk, one of the bigger town on the map

As the size of the area is rather big, coupled with the luck-based flight path, you will not have to face too much opposition. Overall, those cities are the best place to gain K/D scores – and after that, your team would have quite a shot at the chicken dinner, as the gears spawned in the cities are the best in the game.

Georgeopol Apartments

Container Area
The containers area are highly contested

The Georgeopol's containers are one of the most heavily contested locations in the early game, due to the high concentration of top tier loot. The presence of multiple hostile squads here could easily lead to a team wipe with heavily negative rating points.

The best location to set up an ambush

That’s why the Georgeopol Apartments nearby is your real target. The apartments spread across a huge area with a decent amount of loot. Due to the much more attractive containers nearby, only a few squads would land here. Clean up this location and push towards the crowd at the containers for even more kills.


Rozhok is a prime target if you want some action

Rozhok is a huge city – multiple squads often land here. However, the area is big enough that you can just glide away from the enemies and still be able to gain ground for loot.

If a squad is able to come out of this alive, they would be able to earn a lot of good weapons along with a respectable K/D stat. Best for aggressive players who are up for a challenge.

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