Erangel, PUBG's original map, is still the most played map in the game. And to win in this map, which has already been figured out by a lot of people, might require taking risks - and the area with the highest risk-rewards ratio is probably the Military Base.

This PUBG Mobile guide will show you how to make the Base your own - and with that, getting a chicken dinner is not an impossible task anymore.

Calculated infiltration

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The overall map of the military base - connected to the mainland by two bridges

There are a lot of ways to get into the C building of the Military base, but your objective is to infiltrate it without dying in the process. Try to land on the top of the base and go for cover inside as soon as possible. After that, keeps your senses sharp for both movement and noise in the immediate vicinity.

Make use of stealth and cover

Maxresdefault 7
Drop into buildings in order to get immediate covers - and a steady source of loot

This might seem to be obvious but there is always room for improvement. There is a lot of exposed position in the base that enemy can backstab you so after you have landed, the best course of action is to find a spot to organize an ambush. The main door is a popular spot because due to the wall on its right, hostiles usually walk right past without checking.

If you are on the attacking side, make use of the bushes as cover when you attack. Check all doors after entering and don’t stop moving when you are spotted. Climbing through some windows is also a good option.

Making up a strategy before approaching the base

Maxresdefault 4
Prepare yourself for an immediate confrontation when landing

Any bug or glitch that is publicized but not fixed is fair game…. Unless stated otherwise. You can see from a lot of pro streams that they often use some no clipping issue to sneak a peek behind corners or doors for the enemy.

Know when to run

Maxresdefault 5
Do not stay too long in the open - you would be an easy target

When you leave the location, the best way to get out is the top of the building. It’s a sniper spot with perfect elevation for you to secure your way out for enemy ambush before leaving. Furthermore, jumping through the ledges and sprint would be pretty safe since it would provide additional cover for your escape. Securing a vehicle is preferable but not always needed.

Make use of your comrades

Maxresdefault 6
Teammates are great resources in team matches

There are a lot of creative ways of playing as a team and with enough coordination, you can take advantage of having extra manpower to do some really stealthy strategy. For example, fall damage can be mitigated as long as you land on your teammate’s back. Making use of that trick would enable you to move quickly from the top to the bottom without having to heal up.

Be careful of ambushes when landing

Be careful of ambushes when landing, especially from buildings with a balcony

More than two-thirds of players who land here die from backstabbing through windows and blind spots. Your best chances are to land on the top of the building, grab a weapon then move to the highest spot to scope out the area. It is best to try to take out players at this point since most of them might not have finished looting.

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