The PUBG Mobile Star Challenge 2019 has just concluded a few days ago with team KENBOO as the championship. The PUBG Mobile India Tour and the PUBG Mobile Club Open Fall Split still has a long way to go until the main stages. However, don't worry as the PUBG Mobile Yuvin Community Cup is coming to entertain fans.

This tournament is organized by ReckoninG ESports, who just formed their own PUBG Mobile team with 5 players, Divyansh ‘Crusher’ Parekh, Biswaraj ‘Dave’ Moharana, Akshay ‘Don’ Taneja, Ansari ‘IBXN’ Iban, Rishab ‘Sartan’ Choudhary.

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The Community Cup includes 20 teams from India and Malaysia

According to the information on their Facebook page, this is an invite-only tournament. There will be a total of 20 PUBG Mobile teams from India and Myanmar (10 teams from each country) competing against each other.

The format of the tournament will be Squads TPP on three maps, Erangel, Sanhok, Miramar. The tournament starts from September 13 to September 15.

Each day, 5 teams will be revealed on the Facebook fan page of ReckoninG ESport. So far, only 10 teams have been revealed.

Notably, in their most recent, they have announced that Team SouL and Team X will be a part of this tournament. Most people might have already known that Team SouL split up. Mortal left the competitive scene temporary and said that the PMSC 2019 will be his last tournament with Team Soul. Ronak and Qwais have joined Sc0utOP to create Team X. However, in the video, other than Viper and the new members, Mortal is also featured in Team SouL line up.

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After the PMCO Grand Finals, Mortal decided to take a break from the competitive scene

As I have confirmed with the host, it seems that Mortal will be playing competitively again in this tournament. This is great news for all of his fans, who have been longing for his return.

We will keep you updated as soon as we get more information.