Apart from the PMSC 2019 Finals, yesterday was also the final day of the PMIT Group B Finals. We have now determined four PUBG Mobile teams to enter to the final stages of the PMIT 2019, 8Bit Rampage, Team INS, Team GE, and Team All Stars. Here are the detail standings list of all participated teams.

Finals English Oppo X Pubg Mobile India Tour Group
Both team 8Bit Rampage and Team INS have the same score of 122 points

Finals English Oppo X Pubg Mobile India Tour Group
The overall standings of the PMIT 2019 Group B

As you can see, team 8Bit Rampage and Team INS actually have the same score of 122 at the end of the Finals. However, team 8Bit Rampage killed a total of 38 players, only one more kill than Team INS, and got the first place. It's worth noting that in the very final match of the day, team 8Bit Rampage killed 16 players and won, which contributed a lot to their final standings. It were the 2nd match and the 5th match where 8Bit Rampage shine. They killed 14 people and 16 people respectively and won in those 2 matches.

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4 top teams from the Guwahati Finals will join the finals stages of the PMIT

Team INS, on the other hand, is more consistent with their performance throughout the day with 1 win in the third match and good overall standings and kill.

Team GE and Team All Star also played well. However, funnily enough, Team All Star didn't win any match at all, still, they are in the fourth place. Meanwhile, the winner of the fourth match, team Virus is in the 10th position in the end.

Coming up next is Group C, stay tuned

The Fragger of the Finals is a member of 8Bit Rampage, 8bitGiLL with 19 kills, followed by INSBhisjmaFTW with 15 kills, and BFRxFENDER with 12 kills. 8bitGiLL although had quite games here and there, but he has proven that he was a monster with 9 kills in the 2nd match with one 1 vs 4 clutch at the end.