If you have been following the PUBG Mobile competitive esports scene, you must definitely have heard about SouL Mortal’s temporary break – right after PUBG Mobile Star Challenge in Taiwan. Therefore, during PUBG Mobile India Tour, Sc0ut from TeamIND will be taking Mortal’s place in the squad – be the relay between Owais, Ronak and Viper.

TeamIND is getting a new member

That would leave TeamIND with a vacant spot in their lineup. However, it looks like a worthy substitute has just been found. According to a community message by sc0ut, SouL Slayer would be the best fit to replace him in TeamIND’s main roster.

In the post, sc0ut said that he has found the attributes needed for TeamIND in SouL Slayer – one of the most advanced players in India. It is predicted that Slayer would fill the Assaulter and filter role of Scout in the team.

Scout Team Soul Pubg Mobile
Sc0ut leaving TeamIND for Team SouL

The upcoming new roster of TeamIND will be listed below:





According to many fans, SouL Slayer is the one that is often overlooked in Team SouL. With this rare chance to play for a different team on a tournament – it is time for Slayer to prove his mettle. Sc0ut’s position in Team SouL is just temporary – its not sure that he would stay after PUBG Mobile India Tour Ended. However, if Slayer’s admittance to IND is not temporary – Sc0ut’s would also be the same.

The reason behind MortaL’s decision of leaving competitive?

SouL MortaL in an interview

According to sources, the reason MortaL left is that he would like to spend more time to care for his family – and become an influencer. With a stable career on YouTube, he would have a great source of income with less travel and practice time – which means more time for his other obligations. In a later community post, MortaL revealed that he is the pillar of his family and has a lot of duty to fulfill – which he can’t if he is always abroad on tournaments.