PUBG Mobile has been a very successful esports to date, spawning big tournaments all across the world, with a gigantic prize pool. The developed competitive scene is a platform for professional players to prove their skills and there is a lot to be done if you want to win. To be a successful player in a PUBG tournament, you need to have a different set of skills and game sense since the gameplay in a competitive environment is quite different from the classic PUBG ruleset. In our guide, we will list out some of the best strategies that should be kept in mind when playing PUBG Custom Room Matches.

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Prepare a strategy is very important in custom room matches

Route of the Plane:

One of the most important factors in competitive gameplay: decide your looting spot. Shorten the distance you have to cover to get to it is crucial. A hot drop is very risky and would lead to losing teammates a lot of the time – since everything can happen when no one has any guns yet. An ideal squad drop spot is somewhere that only fit one squad or less, but have adequate loots – including healing materials, vests, and throwables. Some often underestimated looting spots you can try in a custom room are Lipovka, Zharki, Mylta city, and Severny. Those areas are remote enough so fewer people would be able to target them – and they actually have enough loots for a whole squad.

5 Best Loot Locations On Pubg Mobile Erangel Map 5
Choose where to drop

Location of the play zone:

What happens to the play zone is something every squad has to take notice in a PUBG game. You have to always be prepared – makes plans to predict the next zone and how to get to it unscathed. There are three locations for your squad to be at, in relative to the zone: the edge, the center, or about a third of the way in. Making decisions would be the key to success, and all of them should be based on what is happening right now in the game.

Top 10 Excavate Locations In Pubg Mobile New Secre
Plan ahead for your escape routes

Divide to conquer: sending one scout to an area

This strategy is very effective during zone rotations. With only one member sent into the site, the risks of detection are much lower – and the guy can get back with less confrontation. The scout would locate the enemy teams’ locations and relay it back to the other three members. This strategy has been used successfully by quite a few teams in the PMCO global finals. The reason why it helps in zone rotations? As a new zone is created, with the enemies locations known, it is way easier to make decisions that could potentially avoid conflicts.

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Scout the location with only one player

Get more than one vehicle for your team

Providing great cover and the ability to cross a large swath of the map, strategies involving vehicles are one of the most commonly used in tournaments. However, a vehicle has a weakness: It can be blown up easily when hit. Because of that, putting all your team members on a single car is rarely recommended.

If the team is able to find two or more vehicles to split, the risks of getting a total party kill are lowered drastically. If one car is blown up by the enemy, the remaining players can still try for the chicken dinner on their own.

Pubg Mobile
Getting a few vehicles for your team

There are also some less used tactics such as–

Trying to get the high ground during the end zone.

Splitting your squad into different buildings – covering a wider area to spot other teams.

Making a last stand in last zone’s compound.

The Strategy mentioned above would be the basic tactics that professional players in tournament custom rooms often use. We hope it would be useful in your next excursion into PUBG.