In the past week, PUBG Mobile India community had a lot of news with big changes in teams. Let’s check out some major news!

Team Insidious is back in PMIT 2019 as Team Nexus

According to a PUBG Mobile India Official’s community post on YouTube, Team Insidious is back. They confirmed that the team will compete in PUBG Mobile India Tour (PMIT) this year as Team Nexus.

Team Insidious (INS) coming back as team Nexus

Team Insidious is the finalists of PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019 in India. In the Indian Regional Finals, the team had INSSMXKIEOP, INSCARTOONZZ, INSOMEN, and INSIMAZIK. They had 129 points and ended up in the 13th position.

Team Insidious will compete in PMIT 2019 as Team Nexus

Aman left Team Velocity and joined Entity Gaming

Aman, who used to be a part of the famous team SouL, has decided to move away from team Velocity, a PUBG Mobile team in India. A couple of days ago, during a live stream on his YouTube channel, he said that he decided to leave the team and join Entity Gaming. He also told SouL MortaL his decision. We will see Aman playing as a member of Entity Gaming at PMIT this year.

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SouL Aman

Aman said in his live stream that there are two main reasons why he chose to join Entity Gaming. Their offer was quite good, so that was the first reasons he decided to be a part of them. The second one was that he will be able to play in the same team with EntityJonathan, his close friend, who often plays with him in his live streams.

After joined the new team, Aman has changed his game name from SouLAman to EntityAman as well.

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Aman along with his former teammates in team SouL

Here’s some other news! sc0ut decided to leave TeamIND and join Team SouL. Carry and Mavi, who used to play in Indian Tigers, now forming their new team.

In general, PMIT 2019 promises to be so exciting. Hopefully, with the new roster lineups, we’ll able to see crazy performances.