The PUBG Mobile Open Club 2019 Spring Split Global Finals has ended successfully with team Top Esports being the champion. But that was not everything, on the final day of the PMCO Spring Split 2019, James Yang announced there will be a new big PUBG Mobile tournament next year called The PUBG Mobile 2020 World League.

This announcement came right in the middle of the finals, where the best PUBG Mobile professional players were playing. PUBG Mobile 2020 World League will be an official tournament from Tencent. Also, according to Yang, this event will be reserved for professional teams only, so we can expect that this competition will be the biggest PUBG Mobile tournament ever and probably with a prize pool even greater than the PMCO Spring Split 2019 $2.5 million prize pool.

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Tencent teases PUBG Mobile 2020 World League

For the moment, there hasn't been any further information about this new tournament, but Yang said it should start soon. In addition to The PUBG Mobile 2020 World League, Yang also revealed the registration date for the PMCO Fall Split. The registration will be available for 10 countries starting from August 8.

As for now, there are still some other big PUBG Mobile tournaments left like the PUBG Mobile India Tour, PUBG Star Challenge for the fans to enjoy until then.

India Tour
PUBG Mobile India Tour features a 1.5 crore prize pool.

In other news, PUBG Mobile is going to collaborate with The Walking Dead and bring in the Erangel 2.0 in the next update. Also, new Africa Servers are coming to the game too.

African Servers are coming