After the last 2 days of intensive combats between professional players and famous content creators, Team KENBOO has earned their right to become the champion of the PMSC 2019.

Team KENBOO is the combination of Thailand's RRQ Athena and the Indonesian YouTuber Kenboo. They had a very consistent performance throughout the tournament and kept their first position since day 1 until the end. The team took the trophy along with the sweet $100,000 prize home. The second and third place belongs to O-Team and GodLike who took home $50,000 and $25,000 respectively.

TeamKENBOO showed their dominance consistently

There are 3 Indian teams along with 4 Indian YouTuber in the PMSC 2019. However, the overall performance was not very well. Only Kroten, a semi-professional player and YouTuber who teamed up with ELG, got into the top three as team GodLike.

Bulshark and EVOS Esports under the name of BTEG also got a decent spot at the 4th position followed by ARXY and Uniq.

This event is also a chance for fans to meet their favorite PUBG Mobile content creators

Dynamo Gaming, one of the most popular PUBG Mobile YouTuber in India with 5 million subscribers, played with team SNT and took the 12th place as team HYDRA.

Meanwhile, team SPARK (The Rawknee and team Soul) took the 13th position. Although team Soul was one of the best PUBG Mobile team in India, they have gone through a lot of troubles lately with the leaving of Mortal. It's understandable that they couldn't perform their best as they used to. The PMSC 2019 will be the last tournament that Mortal play as a member of team Soul.

En Meet Our Teams Spark Rawknee Team Soul Pubg Mob
Team Soul didn't do very well, probably because of recent events

Team IND has the worst performance and went the last place with Gareeboooo. However, this event is more like a show match to entertain the fans so we should take this result too seriously.

The player who got the most kill in the PMSC 2019 is BulShark in BTEG with 23 kills and dealt 3787 damage. However, in term of damage dealt, the player in the second place, BTRLuxxy actually scored more with 4880 damage with 22 kills.

En Pmsc 2019 Grand Finals Day 2 Pubg Mobile Star C
4 Indian PUBG Mobile Youtuber got the most votes

The final voting result was also revealed and all the Indian YouTubers were in the top positions. Dynamo Gaming in the first place with 453019 votes, followed by Kroten with 88793 votes. The third and fourth place belonged to toTheRawKnee and Gareebooo with 83652 votes and 46023 votes respectively.